ACS Athens and the Instrumental Music students are excited to share with everyone their 2021 Spring Concert. 

In this concert video, you can listen to the Middle School Beginner Instrumental Music, the Middle School Intermediate Instrumental Music, and the Academy Music Ensemble classes perform various pieces. 

These students worked diligently, both in-person and online, to grow as musicians throughout this school year. 

According to Ms. Anna Mancl, ACS Athens Middle School and Academy Music Faculty, "It has been such a great experience to work with the music classes here at ACS Athens this year. 

As we all can understand, this school year has been full of obstacles, however, these students were persistent and resilient. 

Music and the Arts are crucial in testing times like these. 

Seeing students turn to Music as a positive way to express themselves through these tough times is truly admirable."

Congratulations to everyone for their dedication throughout the year and their amazing performances.

Enjoy the ACS Athens 2021 Spring Concert!