On Thursday 14, March, ACS Athens Middle School students participated in the yearly academic bowls and enjoyed the fun, academic-related activities. The middle school classrooms were buzzing with workshops and the excited students had a full schedule to follow:

The Geography Bowl entailed Global Footprints, Geotrivia and Urban Planning activities. The Math Bowl consisted of fun, problem-solving activities that required computational skills, visual perception skills and logical reasoning, together with Pi digit chains creation. In the Science Bowl the students had to use their science knowledge in order to unlock puzzles and win in the Escape Room game. For the Engineering Bowl the students experienced firsthand the designing process, from brainstorming, to prototyping, testing, and redesigning of a product. The Language Arts Bowl consisted of three workshops, Thematic Interpretation, Charades, and Language Jeopardy, which brought language and literature to life through fun activities that encouraged creativity, healthy competition, and interdisciplinary learning.

Congratulations to all for another successful Academic Bowls event and a fulfilling learning experience!