Remember, cherish, reflect, move on

A circle is complete! You finish a course in life where you can see or envision the end from the beginning. You realize you are a different, evolved version of yourself. After 12 years of school life at ACS Athens, the day before senior graduation was symbolically marked by the Senior Walk. During the Walk, senior students in their blue gowns walk through campus, stop by the different places they have lived and studied in, the Elementary, Middle School and High School halls and are cheered by all ACS Athens students, faculty and staff. It is a unique opportunity to reflect on their course so far, remember their past selves and see their reflection in the eyes of the admiring younger students. It is a moment of pride, paying tribute and fulfillment. It is also a chance for the young ACS Athens students to have peers to look up to, to aspire and imagine their future graduation. Faculty and staff members proudly cheer and congratulate the students they have worked so hard for.

The day's celebration continued with the Senior Brunch organized by the Brunch PTO Committee. The event involves an exceptional distinction that comes from the senior students, which is the vote and recognition of their favorite faculty or staff. This year's significant honor was awarded to Ms. Natalia Dadidou, IB Economics faculty, who received this major distinction while being a new faculty member. During brunch, the students received their yearbooks and traditionally signed each other's pages, flipping through the memories of the school year.

In this special landmark event, the whole ACS Athens community came together to celebrate the achievements of the class of 2019 and wished them all the best for their wide-open future! Such a farewell is always bittersweet, slightly emotional and definitely unforgettable.