Today we talk with two Academy teachers, members of the IB faculty, who during the pandemic lockdowns - among other projects - created a virtual club for students interested in the intersection of Biosciences and Psychology. A club that created a virtual escape room which... well, I better let them explain. The club continues of course this year.

Dr. Elina Prodromidis and Ms. Angela Chamosfakidis, one Biology Teacher and one Psychology Teacher, that attempt to create bridges and intersections between their two fields. Today, we discuss:

  • Biopsychological Synapses beyond the classroom (and what that means)
  • Focusing less on Assessment and more on creativity
  • Learning and Research on what we Learn
  • Gaining critical thinking skills to accept knowledge but not taking it as granted
  • Helping students realize why they learn what they learn
  • Being aware of each student's needs
  • Offering the IB diploma as an option and not as a requirement to graduate
  • IB holistic learning on the way to college
  • Theory of Knowledge - Another course or shift to another mentality about learning
  • The i²Flex teaching and learning hybrid model and its impact on the pandemic response
  • The takeaways from two years hooked on technology
  • Unsure about your calling? Biology or Psychology? Join the Club!

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