"Last week, ACS Athens students in Spanish 1 learned about Spanish/Latin dance; as extra credit, some of them even created videos of themselves practicing a Spanish/Latin dance! 

I was so happy to see that several students submitted videos, and most of them did an amazing job.

Here are some fine examples from Avra Petrou and Kalliopi Iliadaki - 2 of our 6th graders in a Spanish 1 class - proudly showing off their Merengue and Salsa moves after learning about the various rhythms, instruments, and sounds from Spain and Latin America.

When students engage in language learning, it is not just vocabulary and syntax for communication purposes,  but also learning about the many people and cultures that speak that language through history, the arts, music, and even dance. 

Through this awareness and appreciation of other cultures, ACS Athens students continuously build their global citizenship profile, furthering their education as they learn not just by reading, listening, and speaking, but also by exploring, questioning, and 'doing'.

Enjoy the videos!"

Click here and here to watch.