Artemis Repouli, Registrar

"One of the most crucial periods of the academic year for Seniors at ACS Athens is between September and December when most students have to submit their college applications. 

It has been an unusual academic year for the Class of 2021; students had to deal with the anxiety that comes with the college applications and the challenges of remote education, social distancing, and other restrictions because of the lockdown. 

Despite the difficulties, the Class of 2021 successfully submitted applications to various colleges and universities and has achieved impressive results.

Our 80 Seniors have received 235 acceptances from 137 Universities in 9 different countries so far. 32.7% of them received acceptances in the USA, 44.2% in the UK and 22.9% in other countries. 

Our Seniors have received over $700,000 combined merit, and athletic scholarship offers so far. 

Some of the Universities our Seniors received acceptances to are: Stanford University, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Dartmouth College, Brown University, London School of Economics (UK), Kings College London (UK), University College London(UK), University of Edinburgh (UK), University of Groningen (Netherlands), Maastricht University (Netherlands), Leiden University (Netherlands), University of Toronto (Canada) etc. 

You can check our full list of College Acceptances and Interactive Map here

We are very proud of our students for their hard work and achievements!"