Josef Torres, Elementary School Faculty

"Life in elementary school this year required lots of flexibility and patience from both students and adults.

Our normal routines were altered, and some of our traditional activities were canceled, and the thought of taking five 5th grade classes on a field trip this year seemed like wishful thinking.

So when we were presented with the opportunity to take our students on a trip to Ktima Aristi, we were thrilled.

Ktima Aristi is an oasis in the middle of the city, filled with trees, grass, fruits, and vegetables.

The staff at Ktima Aristi were knowledgeable, friendly and helped our students gain an understanding of the gardens.

Students also had the opportunity to pick and taste the freshest fruits and vegetables directly from the source.

At the end of the day, students made their own salads using ingredients from the gardens.

It was a wonderful learning experience for our students, and we were extremely fortunate that they had the chance to witness and taste nature up close and personal."