4th Grade Faculty Team

"Energy is an absolute necessity for our survival. The energy resources we use help us in every aspect of our lives. 
Electricity lights and heats our homes and our cities, powers our electric appliances, fuels our cars, trains, ships and planes. 
The benefits humans get from energy resources are infinite yet their wasteful consumption comes at a heavy price for our planet. 
It is urgent that we pause, stop and think: How does the way we use energy impact our world? How can we be more energy efficient? How can we combat climate change?
These are some questions that 4th graders have been thinking about and exploring during our "Technology and Energy" unit in science.

Our 4th-grade scientists at ACS Athens read intensely about renewable and non-renewable energy resources and recognized how our use of these resources impacts our world.
Students discovered that the majority of our electrical energy is generated from fossil fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas.
Burning these resources releases carbon dioxide and contributes largely to climate change.
One way to combat this is to use alternative forms of energy, such as energy generated from wind - a renewable resource that is infinite and easily replenished.
Using science and engineering practices, the 4th graders designed, built and demonstrated their very own wind turbines. 
They built wind turbines that simulate how the motion energy of wind can generate electrical energy which can cause a cup filled with coins to lift.
They proudly presented their designs to their peers, teachers, and two guest speakers employed by Vestas Wind Systems who specialize in Wind Turbines.

The ACS Athens 4th graders demonstrated a strong understanding of the way in which their turbines function.
More importantly, they showed how wind turbines can lead us a step closer to living sustainably and alleviate our planet from problems related to climate change."