On Friday, August 23, approximately 15 new ACS Athens faculty and staff accompanied by Ms. Μary-Ann  Augoustatos, Director of the Learning Commons, visited the center of Athens, the highlights of the Acropolis, the Parthenon and their surrounding areas, such as the ancient Greek Agora, and the Roman Hadrian's Library. Dr. Marco Crivellaro was the group's tour guide and shared valuable knowledge about the ancient sites visited, and Mr. Thanasis Palos, the Media Studio Coordinator, was the cameraman.

At the Acropolis Museum, an archaeologist guided the participants through some of the highlights of this extraordinary institution, providing initial insight into the depth of the knowledge currently available. The faculty and staff all reported the excursion as a valuable bonding, learning, and enjoyable experience! This was the last day of the New Faculty Orientation Program (NFOP) of ACS Athens, a Blended (i2 Flex) Orientation Program for New K-12 Faculty and Staff: An Innovative Synergy of Content, Modalities, and Professionals across the Globe. Ms. Tokatlidou, Principal ACS Athens Virtual School & Vice Principal Academy, and Ms. Augoustatos are the NFOP instructors.