Congratulations to ACS Athens Academy student-athlete  Elena Bosgana who, after a truly great effort, accepted a full athletic scholarship at Stanford University, getting a rare one-year-early offer by the world-renowned university.

A member of the Varsity Girls basketball team in ACS Athens, Elena is extremely happy about this distinction: "I am super excited to have the opportunity to attend this great program! 

I will be surrounded by exceptional students, athletes, teachers, and coaches and every day I will be giving my 100%."

Elena carries on saying that "Nothing would have been achieved without ACS Athens. I came to this school 2 years ago and their help and support were tremendous! They are all trying to make you a better person inside and outside of the classroom! 

I am glad I had the chance to meet those people! The athletic department and more specifically ms. Annie Constantinides and Mr. Dimitropoulos were always helping me achieve my goals! 

I am so excited to go overseas to study and play at Stanford! The competition will be huge, and that will push me, even more, to become what I want! 

A huge thank you to ACS Athens people and staff for their love and support!"

Annie Constantinides, Director of Athletics at ACS Athens takes pride in Elena's great accomplishment: "We are so proud of Elena, a student-athlete at ACS Athens, for her early commitment to Stanford University.  

Her stellar work ethic, academically and on the basketball court, is an inspiration to so many others! Keep up the good work Elena, and the future will be bright!!"

Congratulating Elena on her success,  ACS Athens President, Dr. Peggy Pelonis commented: "Like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, Elena Bosgana came through the challenges of 2019-2020 triumphantly.  

We proudly celebrate her Commitment to Stanford University and applaud her early success".  

What an accomplishment!

ACS Athens extends its warmest congratulations to Elena for her outstanding achievement!