On February 12, members of the ACS Athens Athletics Council will participate in a Student-Athlete Leadership conference.

The "Globetrottin' ADs Student-Athlete Leadership Conference" is a unique international event focusing on Student-Athletes including distinguished keynote speakers and a series of sessions led by students for students.

During this virtual event, the ACS Athens Athletic council members will be sharing their presentation entitled: "ACS Athens promoting equity in quality education: Academic-Athletic Scholarships".

Through media and interactive conversation (slideshow presentation, videos, and Q&A section),  the ACS Athens Athletic council members aim to present the mission of the ACS Athens Academic-Athletic Scholarship program; how it promotes holistic educational opportunities to student-athletes, thus contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals (United Nations - S.D.G.) of equity in educational quality.

Congratulations to ACS Athens Athletics Council members Anne- Marie, Kaya, Francesca, Will,  and Tomasso for participating in the conference!

More on the Student-Athlete Leadership conference will be posted soon.

02/11/2021 update:

ACS Athens students are presenting their topic: "Promoting Equity & Quality of Education through Sports" at 11:45 am;  click here if you want to attend the live presentation.  

(Please note that there is a limit to number of participants attending the live; however, the event will be recorded and you will be able to watch it in a few days.)