For the 5th year, the ACS Athens Athletics Council, representing all student-athletes, is organizing the ACS Athens Sports Shoes Recycling project.

Instead of throwing away your unused or outgrown sports shoes, you are invited to donate any pairs you have (in good condition) to ACS Athens and  “give them a second life”.

By doing that, you are giving the opportunity to a number of less fortunate individuals to play, run, exercise, and be active!

Over the last 4 years, the ACS Athens Athletic Council in collaboration with the NGO “Institute Team For the World” has provided more than 1.400 pairs to the less fortunate.

Join us as we team up once again, looking forward to contributing to this important cause!

Please deliver your sneakers in a tightly sealed plastic bag by December 15, in the labeled bins located outside the Athletic Office and the side door of the gym. 

Our goal is to collect  500 pairs of sneakers or more - let's do this!

We are ACS Athens!