She is the Iron Lady of Women's Basketball in Greece and stands out for her leadership skills both on and off the court. 

Annie Constantinides has left her credentials wearing the jersey of “Sporting BC" and the Greek National Team and continues to leave them in everything she undertakes.

A sports icon, with a rich career in basketball, who was in fact the leader of the national women's team for 8 years, she has been not only a leading figure in the field but also a marathon runner and squash champion. 

Trained in both Business Administration and Education, with experience from organizing the Olympic and Paralympic Games and international events in various sports, while heading the athletics program of ACS Athens (American Community Schools), she wants to play an active role in the Hellenic Basketball Federation, with a vision for a better tomorrow for Women's basketball.

"We want women's basketball to have what it deserves."

Annie Constantinides spoke to, about her decision to side with Vangelis Liolios in the upcoming elections, 

the values that unite them and the tools her professional experience gives her to contribute to the creation of something new with the best foundations.

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