Agouridou, Manto, Academic Advisory 9 & 10, Counseling Specialist

Manto Agouridou was born and raised in Athens Greece. She graduated from Mercer University, Georgia, USA with a BA in psychology and a BM in cello performance under two full scholarships. After her graduation, she was offered a position as a researcher in a neuroscience-psychology laboratory at Northwestern University, IL, USA where she worked with adolescents of all ages. 

In order to expand her knowledge on psychosomatics and the clinical approach of people with emotional imbalances and cognitive disorders, she completed a master’s degree in “Liaison Psychiatry: Integrative Care of Physical and Mental Health” in the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Medical School. She has worked as a school counselor child psychologist in all the public kindergartens in Papagos - Holargos Municipality. She counseled and provided psychological support to students, parents, and teachers regarding learning disabilities and difficulties, attention deficiencies, emotional imbalances, and stress management.

Ms. Agouridou will be teaching the Academic Advisory Class for years 9 and 10. Her goal is to teach the students to be independent and inspire them to express themselves and find their talents.