Liosi, Zoi, Mathematics Permanent Substitute Teacher, Math/Science Studio Assistant

“Man's mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions. For a child, who learns through life experience, the sky's the limit ".

Zoi Venetia Liosi holds a BSc in Mathematics and is a senior in the MSc program of “Epistemology and Didactics in Mathematics” offered by the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. Besides her academic background  in applied mathematics, she is interested in  exploring and applying  mathematical concepts through technology in everyday life because this subject field is a universal language. 

Ms. Liosi believes it is essential to bring the beauty of mathematics inside the classroom thereby encouraging students to develop problem solving skills. Ms. Liosi has taught mathematics at all education levels including High Level curriculum and helped prepare senior students for their final exams. 

In addition to her scientific studies, she is a good listener and she gains the trust of her students.  She finds it very interesting to listen to her students as it gives her great pleasure to be able to answer their questions regarding mathematics whenever she can. Ms. Liosi believes that listening to her students’ concerns is an important asset because it’s a way of understanding where their weaknesses lie which places her in a position to gladly help when asked. 

Ms. Liosi has been a member of the ACS Athens faculty since October 22. She is currently a team member of the Math/Science Studio as a permanent substitute teacher.