Policy Regarding Physical Education Clothing (2018 - 2019)

In an effort to ensure that students in P.E. classes are appropriately attired, the following administrative policy has been adopted.

All students must purchase a standard ACS Athens P.E. uniform consisting of a summer and a winter set:

Elementary School

Summer Uniform Set - use below options to select your set

  • T-shirt unisex: € 10
  • Lycra shorts unisex: € 10
  • Cotton shorts for girls: € 13
  • Knee leggings for girls: € 15

Winter Uniform Set - use below options to select your set

  • Hooded sweatshirt: € 20
  • Zipper hooded sweatshirt: € 22
  • Sweatpants unisex: € 16
  • Ankle leggings for girls: € 16

Middle / High School

Summer Uniform Set - use below options to select your set

  • T-shirt unisex: € 10
  • Lycra shorts unisex: € 10
  • Knee leggings for girls: € 15

Winter Uniform Set - use below options to select your set

  • Hooded sweatshirt: € 22
  • Zipper hooded sweatshirt: € 24
  • Sweatpants unisex: € 18
  • Ankle leggings for girls: € 18

ACS Athens believes that P.E. uniforms are essential for the following reasons:

  1. Middle School and High School students (grades 6, 7, 8, 9, 10) need the structure and order that is dictated by wearing specific P.E. attire. Inappropriate clothing (use of tank tops, short shorts, shirts and unacceptable logos) has been worn in the past, and a uniform policy will ensure that this no longer occurs.
  2. The weather conditions are such that for a number of months students arrive at school wearing T-shirts, shorts and sneakers and participate with the same clothes in P.E. classes. This phenomenon is very common among Middle School students and even though the P.E. teachers check the “change-out” policy daily, many students get away with not changing out. The use of P.E. garments will therefore eliminate this problem.
  3. ACS Athens is working hard to enhance its image both on campus and in the community, and having uniforms will help us to achieve this, at the same time adding to school spirit.

NOTE: If students have their uniforms from last year, they do not need to repurchase them. Individual garments will be sold.

Physical Activity Participation Form

Please complete the following PE Participation form, in order that the student is allowed to participate in sports and athletic activities.

PE Participation form

ACS Athens Health Office Requirements

During enrollment, parents must register their children with the school nurse.

Certain forms need to be filled out concerning the health of each child. Additionally, parents are urged to update these forms whenever changes occur during the school year. The Health Office forms are:

  1. School Health Record Card

    This card consists of general information on the child, and also a section for names and telephone numbers of persons to reach in case of emergency. This form also has a section for reporting any special health problems (allergies, medication requirements, etc.) that a child may have. It is important that the Nurse has this information for the safety of each child.

    Parents are required to give authorization to allow the Nurse to administer non-prescription medication (aspirin or non-aspirin pain reliever, for example). After completing the card, parents must sign on the space provided at the bottom.

    School health record card

  2. Emergency Form

    It is necessary that parents complete this form. In the event of an emergency the child may need to be transported to a hospital. This form is divided into two sections; parents need only complete one or the other.

    Section 1 gives permission for a child to be transferred to one of the listed hospitals, all of which are near the school. Section 2 should be completed if parents wish to choose a different hospital or clinic not listed in Section 1.

    Parent consent emergency form

  3. School Health Examination

    The ACS Athens Health Office requires that EVERY new student has a physical examination carried out and signed by a QUALIFIED PHYSICIAN (updates every two years or yearly, if student participates in after-school sports activities). If a child has had a check-up within a year prior to registration, then a photocopy of the record of this examination will suffice. The physical examination form must be submitted to the Health Office within 30 days from the date of registration.

    Student health examination form