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Ways Of Supporting

There are many ways in which you can contribute and help us achieve our goals: the ACS Athens network continues to be one of the school’s greatest assets.  The many options for supporting and participating in the community are varied and meaningful — from volunteering your time in the classroom or during school events, participating in the PTO, contributing financially to the "Support ACS Athens Fund"; to sharing your extensive business network from which the school can derive benefits to ensure continued growth and success.

No matter how you choose to be involved, ACS Athens truly welcomes your commitment and encourages your engagement.

Your support strengthens our school while helping to build ACS Athens’ reputation.  Our hope is that the value of an ACS Athens education continues to grow over the years, making your investment as a parent, your time as a student and as an alumnus one of the most successful investments of your lifetime.

Here are ways you can support ACS Athens :

  • Recommend individuals for the ACS Athens Advisory Council
  • Volunteer : please contact Ms. Valerie Alexopoulos
  • Participate in the PTO : please contact the PTO
  • Donate to the ACS Athens Fund, purchase items in the e-shop, or for other monetary contributions, please visit contributions

Additionally, there are two Board of Trustees Initiatives, that can be used to support the school :

Monetary Contributions

  • Donate Online : Go to PayPal and use email to send the funds to
  • Gifts by Mail
  • e-shop Purchases : ACS Athens e-shop
  • Bank Transfers (wire transfers / deposits) : Please see accounts below

Gifts to ACS Athens are welcome and appreciated and can be done either in € (Euro) (Greek bank), or in $ (USD) (U.S. bank), via Bank Transfers.

For U.S. Taxpayers, donations made to the school, in U.S. Dollars are tax-deductible to the full extent of the U.S. tax code.

Transfers in € (Euro) - (Greece)
Account Holder Sxoles Amerikanikis Paroikias Athinon
Bank Alpha Bank
Bank Address 493, Messoghion Ave.- Aghia Paraskevi 15343 - Greece
Branch No. #209
IBAN GR6001402090209002320003072
Account 209 00 2320 003072
Swift Number CRBAGRAA
Reference Name.  If gift is restricted, please specify
Transfers in $ (USD)
Account Holder American Community Schools of Athens, Inc.
Bank TD Bank
Bank Address 1753 Connecticut Ave. NW - Washington DC 20009 - USA
Branch No. -
Account 4266646608
Swift Number NRTHUS33XXX
Routing Number 054001725
Reference Name.   If gift is restricted, please specify

ACS Athens Endowment Fund - A Board of Trustees Initiative

The Board of Trustees at a recent Board meeting unanimously decided to establish an ACS Athens Endowment Fund.  This fund is independent of the ACS Athens operational budget and its purpose is for the sustainability, growth and future needs of the schools. 

For further information on the ACS Athens Endowment Fund, please see here, or contact

Valerie Alexopoulos, Coordinator of Special Projects & Public Affairs on +30 210.6070.304 or


Name A Seat - A Board of Trustees Initiative

Name a Seat” invites you to inscribe your own personal message on an engraved brass nameplate affixed to the seatback of your selected chair that may celebrate your own special occasion, person or even your commitment to education and the arts.   The legacy of your gift will be seen by generations to come as they enjoy the productions and events made possible by your support and will be associated with the ACS Athens, a world-class school for leading innovation and creativity. THEATER at ACS ATHENS

Your pledge and generosity to “Name a Seat” will strengthen our commitment to continuous school improvement and help us maintain a holistic, meaningful and harmonious education that prepares our students for their future endeavors.   Be the first to spotlight your legacy and motivate our children in becoming the “best they can be”.


For information on our payment options, please do not hesitate to contact

Valerie Alexopoulos, Coordinator of Special Projects & Public Affairs on +30 210.6070.304 or