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Since its inception, ACS Athens has relied on support from alumni, parents and friends to fulfill its institutional mission and achieve ambitious goals.  Your generosity has erected buildings, enriched the curriculum, expanded extracurricular programs, and rewarded our faculty.  However, priorities fluctuate as circumstances change, and our fundraising efforts at any given time reflect specific areas of need.

Every gift to the ACS Athens Fund from alumni, parents, and friends, whatever its size, makes a valuable and immediate difference to the School.  We have identified four critical areas that demand our attention and need your support.

Financial Aid & Scholarships

ACS Athens has launched a campaign to materially increase the financial aid and scholarship endowment, thereby increasing the amount of aid available on a continuing annual basis.   Through "The Support ACS Athens" program we seek to increase this ratio to one-third or more of the student body.

Infrastructure Improvements

ACS Athens is constantly looking for ways to improve its facilities, to make them more efficient, but also to expand / renovate etc.


See descriptions of past campus infrastructure projects...


Sustaining Teacher Excellence

The program enables us to materially increase support for faculty professional development.   This ultimately allows us to attract and retain exceptional teachers by meeting and maintaining a competitive standard of compensation and benefits among other outstanding international schools.

Advisory Council

To support our goal of promoting innovation that informs our search for best practices in education, the ACS Athens Board of Trustees has established an international Advisory Council

A group of 10 – 15 people connected to current trends in technology, the arts and culture, society, the economy, politics, science and the world of idea, who can serve as an advisory body of experts to the school’s trustees and administration, providing a connection between ACS Athens and current trends that can impact school policy, operations, programs and teaching and learning practices.

The Council will serve an advisory role, offering professional suggestions, feedback and recommendations to the Board of Trustees and President of ACS Athens and help policy makers and administrators to understand the implications of identified trends for the school.

In seeking potential Advisory Council members, we are reaching out to individuals who share our vision and who wish to help us become a better school by sharing their insight, wisdom, and expertise with us.  What we ask is that council members agree to connect with the school once a year in some formal (virtual or face-to-face) setting

  • To share with us a trend in their field we should know about
  • To advise the school about an institutional or programmatic issue that we have put to them
Innovation Fund

The ACS Athens Innovation Fund is a campaign to bolster ACS Athens' endowment to fuel groundbreaking programmatic opportunities through Initiatives for the Future, and to inspire its students and faculty as 21st century leaders.