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Why Support ACS Athens

T he spirit of giving within the ACS Athens and wider communities is strong. Every act of kindness, generosity and donation cultivates a culture of giving that assists the school in providing a holistic, harmonious and meaningful education.

ACS Athens boasts an active community of involved students, board members, parents, dedicated staff & faculty, corporate partners and loyal alumni. Our students are enthusiastic, ethical individuals who aim to become the best that they can be. The Board of Trustees comprises dedicated businesspeople who take on the serious responsibility for the present and future well-being of the school on a volunteer basis. The Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) provides valuable time and effort to raise funds for the school.

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The presence of giving and generosity on campus provides a sense of community and plays an important role in advancing the school’s standard of education. Our dedicated faculty promise to provide quality education and become future leaders that will guide, mentor and inspire our students to deliver their best possible results.


Corporate sponsors provide goods and services that support fund raising events, as well as other social, cultural and educational occasions.  The loyal alumni promote communication and strengthen ties between its members, as well as promote a network of personal, moral and professional support for the immediate needs of the school.