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Final Show, 2015 ( Video )

Enjoy the Final Show that took place at the Theater at ACS Athens, where children showcased their talent as they danced, sang and performed, for their friends, parents and guests...

Summer Youth Camp 2015 Comprehensive Brochure

The Summer Youth Camp provides children with a safe environment that is on the one hand joyous and playful but also creative and innovative — a complete learning experience!

You can take a glimpse of the Camp's activities by browsing the photo gallery or viewing the videos below.


Enjoy scenes from this year's Summer Camp at this photo gallery!


Also, browse through photo galleries from 2014 » and from past years: 2013 »,   2012 » ; and 2011 ».


Past Summer Camp Videos

Summer Youth Camp Show - 2014

A Day at the Summer Youth Camp - 2014

Summer Youth Camp Show - 2013

A Day at the Summer Youth Camp - 2013