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The House system is a well-established ACS Athens tradition since 1950 and consists of five “Houses”: the Athenians, the Corinthians, the Macedonians, the Spartans and the Trojans. Once enrolled, students are automatically allocated to a House and through involvement in various activities, they are able to earn points for their House. Traditionally, these activities were primarily athletic; however ACS Athens aims to also promote academics, social service and other pursuits.

Each House is identified by a color, logo and anthem, bringing students from diverse backgrounds and cultures together. ACS Athens aims to connect new with older students, by creating a sense of belonging to the community. Unity and dedication will empower children to be successful academically, socially and ethically!

Students are divided into their House randomly. However, if they have family members already assigned to a House (whether an alumnus parent or an older sibling) they are automatically allocated to their family member's House. The Faculty is also actively involved each belonging to a House and promoting its activities. For ultimate success, we ask students to invite their parents to participate in activities earning points for their House!

Join the fun and become part of the ACS Athens history!

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