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*The dates and times that each club meet may change throughout the year. Students are encouraged to visit the Office of Student Affairs in order to find out when are where the club they are interested in meets.

Honor Code Project (ongoing)

ACS Academy students spearheaded focus group discussions with all students in the Academy regarding the development and implementation of an Honor Code.  Faculty and counselors also engaged in similar discussions and served as advisors and guides for students without intervening directly in the process.  The first step involved student discussions regarding the meaning of an Honor Code and agreements were reached on a set of standards/values that everyone at ACS Athens would like to live by.


Questions raised and answered included:

What would an ideal school look like and what would the principles and values of such a school be?

What kind of person would I like to be and what kind of life would I like to live?

Why do we want to implement an Honor Code at ACS?

What would the cafeteria, library, campus look like if we each took responsibility for our behavior?

What would I do if I witnessed the person next to me cheating/stealing/ bullying etc.?

How would an Honor Code help in such situations?

As a result of these discussions an exam protocol was implemented in June 2012. Students will continue engaging in this process to address other issues through the lens of an Honor Code.


ACS Athens Examination Protocol

The Examination Protocol (Rev. 5/2012) is a set of procedures, guidelines and definitions for the administration of tests, midterms and exams for the Academy and Middle School; it was developed by ACS Athens students with input from faculty, administration and parents.

The Protocol is part of the ongoing Honor Code Project and of the students' initiatives and pledge in realizing ethical practices on and off campus. 



New Student's Survival Kit

The idea behind this handbook is that it is written by students for students in a way that you can relate to. Our aim is to help you get through your first year at ACS as smoothly as possible.


Documentary: Young dreams in the midst of a crisis 2012


Homelessness project Documentary 2012


Students spent their summer months investigating the growing homeless issue in Greece. Students interviewed key people at the Homeless Center of Athens, Hellenic Ministries Soup Kitchen, Klimaka (NGO documenting marginalized populations in Athens, Economists etc...) They will be comparing statistics of homeless populations before and after the economic crisis in Athens, Europe and the U.S.A.  Students also will be researching and viewing the homeless situation in Athens from a demographic, political, economic, psychological and social perspective. This project will result in a video documentary.



Home for Elderly project

Students were met with much warmth during their visits in July to a church- supported nursing home in Aghia Paraskevi where they spent 3 afternoons a week documenting the stories of 40 men and women who shared their life experiences with students. The students made donations of canned milk and fresh fruit during their visits. Students plan on extending their visits with more ACS students in the fall.


Documentary: The Israeli-Palestinian conflict 2010

A group of 15 students from 10th and 11th grades, having school faculty as advisors, produced a 30 minute documentary on the Israeli Palestinian Conflict, as part of the program Leadership & Journalism of ACS Athens. Students researched historical and news sources, reviewed video footage, wrote the script, edited and produced the documentary piece, which was officially shown to the school and wider community in April 2010 at an event sponsored and presented by SKAI TV. The objectivity and thoroughness of the piece was praised by both the Palestinian and Israeli communities, which supported the school's effort to travel with a delegation of the production team to Israel and visit with students from both sides of the conflict, experts on the issue who struggle for peace and reconciliation, and experience life in an embattled area. This trip took place in May 2010 and produced numerous hours of footage that will be used for an upcoming documentary.