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Student Leaders 2010


ACS Chess Champion 

Chess Champion, Nastazia Champesi was featured in the Spring 2010 issue of Ethos (p. 64) for her success in chess in the Panhellenic Chess Tournament. 

ACS Student Wins Panhellenic Tournament in Chess

By:  Ellen Vriniotis

The Third Panhellenic School Tournament in Chess took place at the Porto Karras Hotel in the area of Halkidiki, on April 23 – 25th.  More than 700 students from all over Greece used their skill, determination and concentration to face off in Chess. ACS 11th grade student, Nastazia Champesi, participated in the category of the Open Tournament that brought together various students of different backgrounds. After two days of intense concentration, Nastazia received the First Place Medal in the female category and ranked in the top 5 overall in the tournament!  Congratulations for a job well done!


DNA Day Honorable Mention

ACS student R. Haidis submitted a biology paper to the 2010 European Society of Human Genetics (ESHG) entitled: Scientists can now determine the complete DNA sequences of organisms, including humans. Now that this milestone has been reached, is there a reason to continue learning about Mendel, alleles, and inheritance patterns?

The paper gained her an award of Honorable Mention and is published on the ESHG site. Click here to read.


Celebrating Global Awareness through Social Action

Tribute to 10th grade Students

See more photos belowOn Display at ACS Athens

By Ellen Froustis-Vriniotis & Eric Kunik

In line with the school’s commitment to educate students on responsible citizenry and leadership with ethos, this year’s new 10th grade advisory course challenged students to develop  global awareness through social action as a means of  understanding the contemporary problems of our times.

During this semester long class, tenth graders investigated the challenges and triumphs faced by people around the world and selected a country or region to focus their research on. Once they developed a deeper understanding of the complexity of the world concerns in their area of focus, students then developed an action plan in which to propose solutions to those challenges based on U.N. Millenium goals for underdeveloped countries or their own action plan goals for developing countries.  

Global Awareness Exhibition 2010


Much of student learning was self-directed, as teachers facilitated the research process. Class discussions were often initiated by students’ personal research from print or multi media sources that addressed current issues on Children’s rights, Human Rights and Responsibilities, the State of the Earth, Poverty & Hunger, War & Peace, Labor & Commerce.  Using the Big 6 research methods, students were able to construct a 2000 word research paper and action plan that also addressed the school’s writing goals for this year.  The new ACS Writing Center was a valuable resource in helping students to refine their writing and research skills.

Global awareness, however, could not be achieved without personal awareness of one’s attitudes, beliefs and behaviors. Therefore another goal of the class was to raise awareness on the attitudes and behaviors that build walls of hate and suspicion between people so that we can instead embrace and celebrate the uniqueness of what it means to be human across a globe that we all have the privilege to share.

Finally, the semester culminated with a formal presentation of student work that was exhibited for the entire ACS community on June 1st, during the 10th grade Global Awareness Exhibition Day in which we also celebrated the diverse service projects by ACS Athens students in the local and global community! 

Some of the themes of this year’s projects were: Blood Diamonds in Africa, Indigenous Peoples’ struggle for cultural preservation, Human Rights Violations in Iran, Child Sex Slavery in Asia, Immigration and Economic Crises in Greece, Women’s Right to Literacy in Afghanistan, The Outcome of Legalizing Drugs in Amsterdam, Poverty in India, Child Labor in South America, Teen Pregnancies in Europe etc….

Congratulations to ACS 10th graders for moving us one step closer to a more humane, aware and caring world!