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What is the ISCI ?

The Incubator of Students Creative Ideas (ISCI) is a student-run initiative, aimed at facilitating and organizing "learning projects." The ISCI offers an amazing opportunity to Inspire, Imagine, Intellectualize, Interconnect, and Innovate by allowing students to learn via engaging in projects they are interested in! Participation in these learning projects allows students to take control of their own learning. The ISCI can support this learning process by providing a variety of resources meant to accelerate their projects' development. Overall, the ISCI enables students to choose what it is they wish to learn, how they plan to go about learning it, and, ultimately, in what way they aspire to apply this knowledge in order to produce something meaningful for themselves and the community.

Who can Join the Incubator?

Any ACS Athens individuals student or group of students from grades 3-12 that want to develop a workable idea.

Thinking of Joining the Incubator ?

Send us a description of your project stating the name(s) and grade level of your team member(s).


and / or contact either of ISCI team members:

Mehin Abbasova (grade 11), Asteris Dougalis (11), George Dougalis (11), Anastasia Nikolaidi (10), Marilina Bitsikas (9), Elina Pipas (9), Pandelis Sfinias (9)

Parents can contact either of us or send an email to the Director of Academics, Resaecrh and Learning Studios, Ms. MaryAnn Augoustatos through her administrative assistant Ms. Marietta Garbis at