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Dr. Gialamas on Morfosis Educational Philosophy for the 21st Century Student, August 2017

The "Morfosis Educational Philosophy", an educational philosophy that is holistic, meaningful and harmonious.
Students acquire new skills and master existing ones as they learn to be global citizens.

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Widener University on students of ACS Athens Summer Visit

Ten students from ACS Athens spent a week at Widener taking part in leadership and engineering programs.
The visit was part of a partnership formalized between Widener and ACS Athens in December.

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Dr. Gialamas at "Knots In Hellas 2016" Conference, April 2016

We are delighted to share with you that ACS Athens is represented with Dr. Stefanos Gialamas, at the world wide conference Knots in Hellas 2016.  The best researches in Knot Theory from universities around the world will be sharing their recent research results.  The conference will take place in Olympia on July 17-22.

The goal of this international cross-disciplinary conference is to enable exchange of methods and ideas as well as exploration of fundamental research problems in the wide fields of knot theory and low-dimensional topology, from theoretical to applications in sciences like biology and physics, and to provide high quality interactions across fields and generations of researchers, from graduate students to the most senior researchers. Graduate students and new PhDs working in these fields are especially encouraged to participate.

This conference will also provide a convenient opportunity to celebrate the achievements of Professor Louis H. Kauffman, who reached the age of 70 in February 2015.   Professor Lou Kauffman was Dr. Gialamas' Thesis Advisor.

Honouring him, Dr. Gialamas was asked to share with the participants two of his theorems which are utilised in application to DNA research:  "Determining Vanishing Massey Triple Products in a complement of a Link with more than two components."


ICODL2015 Manuscripts of ACS Athens presenters published

A number of distinguished faculty members of ACS Athens participated and presented at the 8th International Conference in Open and Distance Learning focusing on Innovation and Research in Open & Distance Learning and on Information Communications Technology.

Presentations included: 

  • The implementation of i²Flex methodology in a language class and the use of the Community of inquiry (CoI) framework (Dr. Tonia Firigou)
  • Innovation through i²Flex: The Transformation of a Classic in the Humanities Program (Kathleen Jasonides, Janet Karvouniaris, Amalia Zavacopoulou)
  • Gamification strategies in learning spaces: A brief toolkit (Dr. Raphael Raphael)
  • Utilizing the Face-to-Face Component of i²Flex on Building Rapport: A Counseling Psychologist’s Perspective (Dr. Alessandra Sax) 

The Conference took place in November 2015 and the published manuscripts of the presentations can be viewed below:


Yanna Darilis Interviews Dr. Stefanos Gialamas at NGTV - March 18, 2016

Dear ACS Athens Community:

We are very happy to present you with a half-hour interview of Dr. Stefanos Gialamas by Ms. Yanna Darilis of New Greek TV (NGTV) in New York.

The in-depth discussion introduces ACS Athens and its philosophy to the world, highlighting a number of topics and the Global Morfosis paradigm:

Dr. Gialamas, elaborates on the importance of areas such as:

  • inducing love of learning to students
  • leading by example
  • innovation
  • teaching methodologies for "digital natives" and i2Flex
  • what it means that students become "architects of their own learning"
  • the accreditation process
  • producing new knowledge at ACS Athens
  • the state of education in Greece

Enjoy the interview!