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August 2018


Message from the President


Dr. Gialamas

Dear Parents,

On behalf of the Board of Trustees, administration, faculty and staff, I would like to welcome you to the American Community Schools of Athens and thank you for entrusting us with the education of your children.

The 2018-2019 academic year is my 14th year serving ACS Athens. I am so proud to experience a continuous growth with quality and integrity of our institution in all aspects. Most important, is the fact that all of us are preparing your children to become global citizens with ethos, serving humanity.

Below are ACS Athens highlights from this year:


We continue growth of enrollment, which will reach a new high! This indicates that ACS Athens is enjoying a great reputation as an institution with not only high academic standards, but also as an institution living with its commitment in serving humanity.

The Panagiotis Stefanos Gialamas Scholarship

After receiving numerous applications for the PSG scholarship and carefully evaluating these, the committee has awarded a 4-year scholarship to an outstanding student coming from a Greek public school with a GPA 19.9/20, exhibiting great leadership qualities.

The Thomas Gialamas Scholarship

After receiving numerous applications for the TG scholarship and carefully evaluating these, the committee has awarded a 4-year scholarship to an outstanding student coming from a Greek public school with a GPA 19.4/20, exhibiting great commitment and devotion to Ethos and Service.

JIC/ACS Athens 4-year Scholarship

ACS Athens and JIC Corporation announces one new, full, 4-year Academic Scholarship, in the name of JIC, which will provide a new student entering 9th Grade in September 2018 with the unique opportunity to study at the ACS Athens Academy (Grades 9-12).

"Hasib & Diana Tamari Sabbagh" 3-year Scholarships for student/athletes (basketball)

The generosity of the Sabbagh family extends to 3 new scholarship recipients, making the total number of recipients, 12.

International Baccalaureate Results

Athens students and our exceptional IB Faculty have once more made us all proud with their accomplishments. Below is a summary from the past year:

  • IB Diploma Average: 35.9
  • IB Diploma Median: 35
  • 97% of the students scored above 30
  • 19% of our students scored 40 and above
  • The highest score was 44
Keeping in mind that the IB perfect score is 45 and the world average is 29.5, the results of our students are exceptional!

College Acceptances

Our college/university placement has been outstanding, with our graduates continuing their education in their “best fit” schools around the world. Below are some of the universities in the U.S., U.K. and other countries that our students have been accepted to.

In the United States: Bentley University, Boston University, Emerson College, Fordham University, George Washington University, Hofstra University, Lehigh University, Loyola Marymount University, Maryland Institute College of Art, Miami Dade College, New York University, Northeastern University, Northwestern University, Purdue University, Rutgers University, Santa Clara University, Stanford University, Syracuse University, University of Arizona, University of California, (Berkeley, Davis, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz and L.A.), University of Connecticut, University of Delaware, University of Maine, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, University of Miami, University of Michigan, University of Tampa, Wheaton College, and more.

In the United Kingdom: Brunel University London, Cardiff University, City University of London, Coventry University, Durham University, Imperial College London, King’s College London, Kingston University, London School of Economics and Political Science, Middlesex University, Newcastle University, Queen Mary University of London, Richmond the American International University in London, Royal Holloway University of London, University of College London, University of Exeter, University of Manchester, University of Nottingham, University of Surrey, University of Westminster and more.

In Canada and other countries: American University of Paris/France, Eindhoven University of Technology/Netherlands, Erasmus University Rotterdam/Netherlands, Maastricht University, Netherlands, McGill University/Canada, University of Amsterdam/Netherlands, University of Groningen/Netherlands, University of Toronto/Canada and more.

For a complete list, please click here.


The generosity of the ACS Athens community resulted in 518,000 Euro total donations this year. A significant amount, 131,000 Euro, was from an individual Board of Trustees member. The ACS Athens PTO, individual parents and community members donated the rest (387,000 Euro). The donations will be used to financially support many important initiatives. We would like to extend a special thank you to all for their support!

Youth to Youth Program

We are continuing our contribution to humanity with the program “Youth to Youth”: educating all students, in collaboration with the HOME Project, the NGO organization established by the Libra Group of the Logothetis family. The HOME Project has developed the concept of providing a home environment to unaccompanied refugee children. Through this collaboration ACS Athens provided unaccompanied refugee children with creative learning experiences. The program is delivered on Saturdays (10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.); there are 3 cycles in a year and each cycle lasts 9 weeks. Volunteer ACS Athens faculty and students come together to work with approximately 42 refugee children in integrating athletics, art, music, English or Greek, computers and more in order to ensure a truly multi-faceted educational experience for these children. Volunteer doctors, the bus contractor and other supporters of this initiative have donated transportation, medical check-ups and certain apparel. We will continue this initiative with the new academic year.

The Edward Shapiro Foundation and Home Project 250,000 Scholarship Donation to ACS Athens

Philanthropist Mr. Edward Shapiro from Boston visited ACS Athens and observed the Youth to Youth Program. He spoke with students, faculty, and staff and also with children from the HOME Project who were attending the Youth to Youth Program. Mr. Shapiro was so pleased and touched by his experience, that he offered 18 scholarships to qualified students from the HOME project to attend ACS Athens full-time. After an extended process of selecting from 202 applications, 18 were qualified to attend ACS Athens. Please see the related link from Kathimerini article.

New Faculty

  • Abdel Samad, Darine HS,MS Arabic Teacher
  • Chen, Hsuen-Chin HS, MS Chinese Teacher
  • Laitinen, Valeria Eleonora ES 5 grade Teacher
  • Passons, Christofer ES Assistant Principal
  • Tsinakis, Sophia Chrisanthi ES 1 grade Teacher

NFOP (New Faculty and Staff Orientation Program)

The NFOP Program, August 21-24, & 31st 2018, will continue this year to ensure a smooth transition to our new faculty, especially those coming to us from abroad.

Major Facilities Improvement

  • ACS Theater building structural compliance with Greek building code. Expected completion date January 2019.
  • Art rooms floor above main Hasib J.Sabbagh Library, full renovation about 550 m2. In addition to reconstructing the existing Art classrooms create a new multi-purpose classroom of 90m2. All floor will be air-conditioned.
  • Renovation of HS Combo classes 201, 202, 203 and 204. Some dept. chairs and faculty offices will be moving around.
  • Renovation MS room 10, MS Faculty lounge and MS faculty computer center.
  • Basement of Middle School to become the new Bookstore dept, about 250m2. It will be moving from the Elementary school basement.
  • Basement of Elementary School to become extended Physical Education (PE) and exercise rooms for Elementary students, additional PE space about 300m2.
  • Administration second Floor storage room and surrounding area on roof of Middle school to be converted to a multipurpose classroom, about 90m2.
  • Elementary outdoor area, create new playground at existing play yard - Clean and paint with acrylic liquid the elementary football field (above asphalt), to cover imperfections and avoid injuries to children, New fitness monkey bars equipment and toys in existing space. Special rubber tile placement in this area to avoid injuries of children, Constructing two pergolas at two different playground areas for outdoor table activities and placing picnic tables, Create four running lanes with soft rubber carpet, 50 meters in length, in the area along the back balcony of the Elementary cafeteria, and renovate the surrounding area, (Not affecting the car parking), Drawing and installing various children games on the playground floor and on the playground fence perimeter.
  • Renovate Schools Nurses Department, replace furniture and equipment.
  • Reinforce fire protection, electrical and ventilation measures in Theater Building and swimming pool buildings.
  • Replace school Main computer network switch and reinforce peripheral network switches and fiber optics.
  • Purchase new classroom furniture, computer and other educational instruments as needed. Compo classrooms will be outfitted with additional educational equipment.
  • Expand Natural Gas Heating network to all School Buildings, including the swimming pool.
  • Other improvements as needed, e.g. roofs water proofing, electrical panels replacements, plumbing replacements, etc.

The Center of Leadership and Mindfulness

We are happy to announce the center will be launched in Fall 2018 with the vision of empowering individuals to shape their own leadership identity by providing opportunities to uncover a deeper purpose and a meaningful connection to themselves and the world. The center with appropriate customized programs, will serve students, teachers, and parents.

2018 Commencement Speakers

The Academy commencement speaker was the President of Widener University, Dr. Julie Wollman. The Middle School graduation speaker was Ms. Amy Carlon, Counselor for Public Affairs Embassy of the United States of America and ACS Athens Board of Trustees member.

Over the past 13 years, we have had many prestigious commencement speakers, such as US Ambassador Daniel V. Speckhard, University Presidents, Harriet Fulbright, President of the J. William & Harriet Fulbright Foundation and more.

Fulbright/ACS Athens Educational Forum

The 2-day Educational Forum, "Redesigning Educational Systems: From Theory to Praxis", which took place at the Light House of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center in Athens on April 26 and 27, 2018 was a big success! The Forum was organized by the Fulbright Foundation, Greece, in collaboration with ACS Athens and the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center and was part of a series of events celebrating Fulbright’s 70 years of educational and cultural exchanges between Greece and the United States. The keynote speaker for Thursday was Dr. Allan Goodman, President of the Institute of International Education. The guest speaker for Friday was Dr. Edward Burger, President of Southwestern University in Texas.

Over 300 participants enjoyed a rich exchange of ideas by the panelists and keynote speakers who aimed to highlight a shared concern: the importance of developing educational systems that will enable students to become productive, responsible, civic-minded global citizens, ready to contribute proactively to societies in transformation. Encouraging effective thinking, global awareness in a globally connected world, civic engagement, meaningful learning and the need to shift existing mindsets on teaching methodologies were among the thought-provoking issues touched upon.
Pictures from the event can be viewed here.

The Incubator of Students Creative Ideas at ACS Athens

An innovative initiative for students has taken birth the past few months: the establishment of the Incubator of Students Creative Ideas. The mission and vision is defined as follows.

Mission: The Incubator at ACS Athens is a student-led, student-run, project-based learning hub using the design process to promote, support and guide student’s creative ideas in all disciplines.

Vision: Students function as architects of their own learning as they choose, create, fund and support their intellectual curiosity.

The Incubator, which is housed on the first floor of the Learning Commons in the Sabbagh Library, is an exciting new addition to our campus learning environment, a place where students (with faculty mentorship) can experiment, design and create -- turning their ideas into viable products, projects and initiatives, allowing them the opportunity to become entrepreneurs in a wide variety of scientific and technical, cultural and artistic, and social and humanitarian realms. The incubator is designed and operated by students, and Ms. MaryAnn Augoustatos, Director, JK Academic Research and Learning Studios, ACS Athens Learning Commons guides their work.

Hisar School, Istanbul

On December 9-13, 2017 the Hisar School in Istanbul visited ACS Athens to co-host an Inaugurating Summit of our ISCI (Incubator of Students’ Creative Ideas) and continue our collaboration between the two schools. The students from both the Hisar School and ACS Athens had the opportunity to design and materialize innovative projects. The Head of School, Principal and two Directors with eight students came to ACS Athens to see our academic programs, including the newly constructed incubator space.

Division Chairs

ACS Athens has a unique K-12 structure to secure the best approach to design our curriculum, develop appropriate assessment tools and implementing best methodology of improving teaching and learning.

We have established and this year modified the structure of Division leaders – we now have four K-12 Divisions to best address all issues related to the above contents. They are:

  1. Mathematics and Technology - Dr. Tsokos
  2. Science - Dr. Christakos
  3. Humanities/Art/Physical Education - Ms. Zavacopoulou
  4. English/Languages - Ms. Jasonides
Division Chairs work with the ES, MS and Academy faculty and administration with regularly established meetings (once a month, more if needed). In additions they work with the Deans as needed.

Naming of Home Project Shelter

I was invited to name the first ever shelter of the HOME Project organization. The name Socrates was selected and given because in the shelter there are unaccompanied children from more than ten nationalities and since Socrates said "I am not a citizen of Athens or Greece, but a citizen of the world", this was a suitable name.

The Panagiotis Stefanos Gialamas Home Project Learning Center

The Panagiotis Stefanos Gialamas Incubator of Learning was created and established in the Socrates shelter from the Panagiotis Gialamas fund the incubator was established inside the shelter. Internet connection, furniture and computers were provided so the residents of Socrates can continue their learning on-line with the guidance of ACS Athens faculty or by themselves.


signature Dr. Gialamas

Stefanos Gialamas, Ph.D.