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Apply for Admission to ACS Athens

We strongly recommend using the online process.

Before you complete this Application, please read the Guide to Admissions carefully!



You can Apply for Admission only during the following periods:



For Period

Apply by

Local Applicants

(Jr-K - Grade 5)

1st Semester

3rd week of September

Middle School
(Grades 6-8)

2nd Semester

by the end of January

(Grade 9-12)

No applications accepted

International Applicants
from Abroad


(Jr-K - Grade 5)

Rolling Admissions

no deadline
• based on availability

Middle School (Grades 6-8)


(Grades 9-11)

(Grade 12 -- only from American curriculum schools)

Rolling Admissions

by the end of 3rd quarter

  8th & 9th Grade Restriction:

(effective from Academic Year 2019-20): Applicants from domestic schools can only apply up to 8th grade


IMPORTANT : New ACS Athens Families Only

Please fill in the information as completely as possible.

Failing to disclose accurate information may result in delay of processing and/or decline of admission.


In order to proceed with an Application, you need to have a USER ACCOUNT in our system.

Please complete all required fields in the form below to request USER ACCOUNT in order to submit an application for your child.


Existing ACS Athens Families

Existing families in our school wishing to submit an application for a new student, must log in their Family Access account in Skyward and select "New Student Online Enrolment" from the left menu.


Required Documents & Forms

Please download the following documents, in order to submit them in hard copy:

Upon registration you will be asked to submit the Student Health Examination Form (PDF File). If there is a physical examination report less than a year old upon registration, please submit that as well.

Student’s Personal Statement (applying for Grades 6-12)

Please attach your personal statement in English with this application. Your essay should be hand-written and consist of a short autobiography and a statement of your hopes and plans for the future, especially what you expect to gain from an American school experience in general, and from ACS Athens in particular. This is a good way of introducing yourself to the school, so please express yourself clearly and meaningfully.

Parent’s Statement

Along with this application, parents must attach a signed statement in English or Greek, describing the particular circumstances that prompted you to choose ACS Athens.

What are the specific factors of your decision?  What are your expectations from the school?  Please explain any frequent change of schools, abnormal grade fluctuations or family environment issues that may affect the student’s performance.  Is there any information that the Admissions Committee must take into consideration while deciding on admission of your child?

Please note that all disclosed information will be kept strictly confidential.

Upload Documents

To upload any documents along with this application please go to the Application Documents Upload page.

Application Priority

It is highly recommended that all application material be submitted promptly as students are accepted on a first-come-first-served basis.  Please note that ACS Athens gives registration priority to its existing students, returning students and the children of our alumni.