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Elementary School Math Studio

The Math Studios are located on the top floor of the Elementary School.  The coordinators meet regularly with grade level faculty and plan a variety of different enhancement activities that are either team taught or taught by the coordinator in the designated studio. Each grade level meets the studio coordinators once a week.  The studios offer students and faculty support in learning.

Middle School & Academy Math Studio


At ACS Athens we strive to boost student achievement by recognizing and understanding diverse learning styles and abilities.  In order to further differentiate and individualize learning, ACS Athens has created a Math Studio.  The goal of the studio is to assist students with structured, long-term support that aligns with course curriculum and allows students to evolve at their own pace. This is achieved by providing a controlled environment with a sense of comfort to build confidence.

Located on the 3rd floor of the Hasib J. Sabbagh Library, the Math Studio is an area where Middle and High School students can receive help and advice on their Math assignments at all stages of their learning trajectory.

The Math Studio focuses on grasping mathematical concepts, which also fall under the scope of science, to assist on assignments and review for tests.  Students in the Math Studio are taught using online resources, hands-on activities and games for a more enjoyable experience.  Moreover, progress in the Math Studio is assessed in various ways: basic tests, quizzes, open-ended questions or through feedback.  Some tests and quizzes are conducted online to provide the students with instant results and solutions.

The Math Studio is not only designed for individual students, but provides extra guidance and support to small groups and entire classes that want to work outside the limits of a classroom.

Operating since 2008, the Math Studio has become an integral part of the ACS Athens student experience.


  • Regular drop in ( class connected activities )
  • One-on-One learning
  • Teaching small groups or whole classrooms
  • Students work in small groups with the teacher as the facilitator
  • Creating educational Games
  • Hands-on activities
  • Providing students with online quizzes/ tests
  • SAT prep classes
  • The ideal place for students to visit in order to learn and exchange ideas on Mathematics
  • An inquiry approach to learning.  What are the students interested in finding out and /or solving
  • Subscription to a variety of websites which will enhance learning
  • Hands-on group games available to students
  • Supplies available for better introducing certain topics (3D shapes, boards with grid lines , etc.)
  • Math Game Sessions
  • Young Mathematicians Groups

Operating Hours

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 9:00 – 17:00  (When school is in session; not including half days)