Languages Department
Learning Differences Conference 2013


Saturday's Workshops take place on the May 9th starting at 9:00 till 18:15 with breaks throughout as needed... The sessions are grouped as follows:

  • Innovation Summit Talks : Brief talks that start off the morning and the afternoon; ideas to think about; they take place at The Theater at ACS Athens.
  • Workshops : A diverse collection of medium length workshops



Venues Map
Conference Venues Map


Innovation Summit Talks Round 1
May 9th, 2015 @ 9:30 - 10:45
What if play were at the heart of learning? Carlson, Ginger L. ,
Raphael, Raphael, Ph.D.
What if assessments told narratives of students’ strengths? Hass, Michael, Ph.D.
What if we taught and learned the sociological and anthropological reasons for war? Martino, Nicholas
What if we gave “if” the power to transform?  (insights from a theater class) Thanopoulou, Sophia
Innovation Summit Talks Round 2
May 9th, 2015 @ 14:15 - 15:25
What if we taught feminism in schools to create safe and inclusive learning spaces? Jiménez, Ileana
What if a kid couldn't fail your class? Palmer, Scott
What if all classrooms were like the most engaged classrooms in the world? Mitchell, Kimberly L.


Mini Institutes - May 9th, 2015
@ 11:00 - 13:30 & 15:40 - 16:50
What if we reimagined assessment?  What do we want to know about our students and why?  Questioning commonplace practices and beliefs about assessment
(a 2.5 hour intensive session)
Hass, Michael, Ph.D.
Debriefing Session for participants in Institute 1 (NSRF group) Nelson, David


Workshops - May 9th, 2015
@ 11:00 - 18:15
Session A @ 11:00 - 12:10
There is more to sex and relationships education than sex March, Susie RGN
The "Great Learning Model" Bucur-Marcu, Irina
Literacy and reading comprehension in a multicultural classroom Niakaris, Christine, Ed.D.
Actively engaging our learners Sugarman, Anna Rose
Flipperentiated Instruction: why's and how's Martino, Nicholas
Learning consequences of visual dysfunctions in children Velissarakos, Fotis
Session B @ 12:20 - 13:30
Finding the “Best Fit”: a holistic 4-year college advisory experience Dragatakis, Mandy ,
Hoc, Alex ,
Kalogridakis, Stelios ,
Makris, Anna ,
Pelidis, Demetri
Inclusion: the best teaching and learning situation Avgerinou, Maria D., Ph.D. ,
Gournaris, Margarita ,
Phillips, Caitlin
Re-imagining the ways we work with Autism Skordou, Maria
Effective feedback practices in the classroom Sugarman, Anna Rose
iTeach: Enhancing language skills through the use of technology Da Fonte, Alexandra M., Ph.D. ,
Paulsen, Kimberly J., Ed.D.
Suicide / Grief counseling Chatzis, Fedon
Session C @ 15:40 - 16:50
What if schools developed a holistic approach to wellness? Sax-Lane, Alessandra, Ph.D.
Grigoropoulou Alexandra ,
Kooienga, Kevin ,
Langlois, Brittany
i2Flex: Blending learning as a tool for differentiation Firigou, Tonia, Ph.D. ,
Katsiyianni, Matina
Inquiry: What does it look like? Mitchell, Kimberly L.
Teaching Feminism in schools using design thinking Jiménez, Ileana
Progress monitoring supports: Designing the data collection form Da Fonte, Alexandra M., Ph.D. ,
Paulsen, Kimberly J.
REBE (Rational Emotive Behavioral Education) Kostogiannis, Chrysoula, Ph.D. ,
Katsikis, Demetris, Ph.D.
Session D @ 17:10 - 18:15
Evidence based practices in crisis intervention and postvention protocols for school based mental health professionals Phelps, Nadia B.
Art communicates science Bakoyannis Christina ,
Petroutsa, Mary
Effective kinetic-based playful learning experiences for children with special education needs Retalis, Symeon, Ph.D.
Gamification Raphael, Raphael, Ph.D.
What If? Enhancing Learning Experiences with Technology Avgerinou, Maria D., Ph.D. ,
Sampson, Demetrios G., Ph.D.