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Learning Differences Conference 2013

Practical Tips for Getting Around

The easiest way for a visitor to move around in Athens is by Metro, or to walk, especially in the city's center.  Taxis (yellow cabs) are also affordable and easy to hire (and may occasionaly be shared with other passengers).

Driving is not recommended for visitors not familiar with the city and its driving habits, even though Attiki Odos (the fairly new peripheral high-speed freeway) helps drivers cross the city, connect to the major freeways, to the airport etc...

Tipping in restaurants, taxis, cafés, delivery services, etc. is included in the service provided.  Nevertheless, a tip is always welcome and appreciated.

Safety is not an issue in Athens; furthermore, Greece outside the capital is as safe and enjoyable as any place can be.  Some caution should be exercised later in the night, in certain areas of downtown Athens, as in most other metropolises. 




Taxi call-centers are available 24x7 for pick-up service; usually a small fee will be added to the fare.