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ETHOS - The official publication of ACS Athens


The purpose of this magazine is to showcase all the exciting things happening at ACS Athens. It is also to convey the essence of our beliefs and values as educators; to reflect the excellent teaching and learning taking place on our campus; to share alumni news; to highlight the important initiatives occurring school wide; and to reflect a theme.

Below you can view or download (pdf) the issues of ACS Athens Ethos. Alternatively, you could email us your address and we will be happy to put an issue in the mail for you.

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Ethos, Fall 2018 Issue (Vol. 13)

This issue of Ethos magazine has two parts: It integrates the two approaches that basically makes our school what it is today:
Practitioner's Approach: Reflect on the everyday practices.
Research Academic Approach: Theory and reflection on academic approaches to education.


Ethos, Fall 2017 Issue

Welcome to ETHOS magazine Fall 2017, dedicated to "Serving Humanity": what we can succeed when we work together for the common good.



ETHOS, Spring 2017 Issue (Vol. 11, #2)

Welcome to ETHOS magazine Spring 2017, dedicated to "Forging Partnerships:  Broadening educational opportunities for a better society".

The current ETHOS is an issue highlighting important partnerships and collaborations that ACS Athens forged recently.  Articles about reaching out, broadening our student's horizons... about leading and shaping the global community we live in..

Enjoy the issue!


ETHOS, Fall 2016 Issue (Vol. 11, #1)

Welcome to ETHOS magazine Fall 2016, dedicated to the "ACS Colloquium 2016 - Sustaining Excellence protocol".

On April 21-22, 2016 ACS Athens organized the Colloquium which concluded the accreditation process and the school's distinction with the "Sustaining Excellence" protocol.

Conference participants (our faculty / other educators), shared and elaborated on the wealth of research and original field-work of the accreditation process -which led us to devote an entire ETHOS issue to the ACS Colloquium 2016.

Enjoy the issue ... and get a glimpse of what lies ahead!


ETHOS, Winter 2015 Issue

...Shaping the minds of young people with ETHOS to make the world a better place... - One issue at a time!

We are very happy to present you with the latest ETHOS magazine (Winter 2015, V.10, #1)!

The central, underlying theme in this collection of articles is

How does one move on from Success to Significance?   Enjoy!