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The Educational & Diagnostic Testing Center, at ACS Athens

What We Do

As a means of complementing our school’s holistic approach, ACS Athens has established a new service with the aim of conducting in-school educational assessment.

At the Educational & Diagnostic Testing Center, we strongly believe in the ACS Athens holistic philosophy, whereby students are encouraged to realize their unique potential.  Using a multidisciplinary approach, our team of diagnosticians evaluates individual strengths and weaknesses by conducting various psycho-educational assessments in order to obtain a comprehensive understanding of every child.  Individualized recommendations for interventions and strategies are provided, depending on the child’s unique learning style, in order to help them enhance overall functioning.

What Makes Us Unique?

  • Multidisciplinary Team - every child is assessed by a group of professionals, ranging from Special Educators to Psychologists and teachers, in order to obtain a comprehensive understanding of their needs
  • In-house Assessments for ACS Athens Students – assessments are conducted right on campus for ACS Athens students, allowing them to be evaluated within a comfortable setting. Diagnosticians are able to gather information from, and collaborate with, teachers and other staff in ensuring the best possible outcome for each child