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Mentor Program Exhibition 2017-18

Mentor Program Exhibition 2017-18

Mentor Program Exhibition 2017-18From the Exhibit of 2017

From the Exhibit of 2017

You are cordially invited to this year's Mentor Program Project Exhibition.

During the school year, students enrolled in the Mentor Program had the opportunity to explore their intellectual passions by engaging in self-designed projects and explorations under the supervision of their mentors who shared their talents and intellectual interests.

The work on the exhibition will display students' diverse range of interests, skills, talents and techniques, not to mention hard work and dedication.

We look forward to seeing you at this outstanding event.

Date & Time:

  • Thursday, May 24th at 1:00pm - 3:00pm


  • The Theater Lobby / Atrium at ACS Athens

Student Name Title Mentor
Cecilia Olivero Bay e-book of rare languages Laura Kollintzas
Rafael Canoutas Nadel History of World Cup to present day Sophia Moros
Ruby Carlon Art/Design on Poetry Sofia Stella Soseilos
Alexandros Maheras The Greenhouse Effect, Global Warming and our Carbon Footprint Christina Bakoyanni
Jingwen Ji Model Making: Intersection of Arts and Maths through Architecture Trina Langsenkamp
Milan Cernek Short story about dragons - "The Wings of the Dragon Fire" Trust and Disloyalty Chara Kouppa
Anna Preuss Creative writing Rebecca Meyer
Alexander Eliades The Black Snake Experiment Ioannis Kerkines
Dimitris Economou Asteroid Bennu - A Potentionally Hazardous Near Earth Object Liana Tsigaridi
Constantinos Barmpouris A Student's Personal Study Guide to the SAT Kathy Jasonides
Iliana Chitou The case study of the developmental disorder Williams syndrome; genetic mechanisms, health conditions and social implications Despina Tsopoglou
Odysseas Digbassanis Social Media and its impact on politics in America Dave Nelson
George Dougalis Towards a Psycho-Semiotic Analysis of Postmodernist Poetics Evan Syropoulos

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