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IAAAC Magazine Spring 2018 - Share your ideas and knowledge across the world

It is a fact that there are more than 8,000 international schools all over the world servicing millions of students; it is also a fact that in those schools there are thousands of profession­als - physical education teachers, coaches, sport administrators and sport experts - who collectively possess tremendous knowledge in their fields. In today's fast paced, ever changing world, networking provides opportunities for personal and professional growth. Previ­ously unheard of opportunities to dialog and share knowledge and best practices are now both vital to staying relevant.

In the International school setting, professionals are faced with the unique challenges that accompany cultural diversity, but with challenges come opportunities. Programs that meet these challenges with creativity and innovation are the most likely to experience success.

The "Sport for International Schools" publication is an effort to bring together Sport people working within the International schools setting (K-12), either directly or indirectly, creating a platform for dialog and idea exchange. We hope that through this publication, we can share the ideas, programs, best practices, knowledge and the creativity happening every day in our schools. I believe this will be a great journey- so join us as we embark on what we hope will be an interesting and exciting adventure!
Annie Constantinides
Chief Editor

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