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17th Annual Truman Trial

17th Annual Truman Trial
The Truman Trial

The American Studies "Combo" classes are ready for the annual "Truman Trial", the culmination of their study of World War II and the introduction to our investigation of the Cold War.
During the past month, students have researched and prepared their roles as historical figures, news reporters, or attorneys for the mock trial of U.S. President Harry Truman for "crimes against humanity." This year will also feature students playing the role of the media who have utilized the Suheil Sabbagh Media Studio to produce historical/propaganda news reels to reveal the historical perspectives of the United States and the USSR. The entire trial is completely student generated and each year the simulation changes with new characters, student leaders, and a change of the trial year-- this year's trial is set in April of 1959 and students may only use evidence that was known prior to that date.

The "Truman Trial" will take place in the ACS Athens theater on Wednesday and Thursday, April 18-19, 2018. The trial will also be live-streamed.

Truman Trial 2018 goes i2Flex! Follow this year's trial and witnesses online and leave comments for the lawyers and witnesses:

  • Team Prosecution Website - Access witness profiles, testimonies, and case outlines for team prosecution here. (This page will live on April 18)
  • Team Defense Website - Access witness profiles, testimonies, and case outlines for team defense here. (This page will be live on April 19)

Team Prosecution: American Studies Combo 1 & 4 - Mr. Nelson and Mr. Lianos
Team Defense: American Studies Combo 6 & 8 - Mr. Nelson and Mr. Lianos
Team Reporters / Newsreels: American Studies Combo 5&7 - Mrs. Coklas and Ms. Ktorides

   For the record, the verdicts so far (2002-2017) are: 9 Guilty and 7 Not Guilty...

The "Truman Trial" will be broadcast live, with the schedule as follows:

Wednesday, April 18

Truman Intro - Context of WWII
Opening Statements: Prosecution, Defense (8 Mins Each)
Prosecution Case WWII (with breaks built in)
Lunch (tentative lunch depending on witnesses)
Prosecution Case Post WWII & Cold War (with break built in)
Start of Defense Case

Thursday, April 19

Set-up, Dress, and Prepare for Day II
Defense Case Continued
Final Witness/ Closing Arguments / Statements (6 mins from each side)
1:15- 2:00
Combo Students Lunch in cafeteria- May not enter the main buildings
Deliberation of the Jury / Voting / Lunch
Trial Verdict Announced in the Theater
All 10th Grade Students Report to Theater
Group Photographs and Clean-up



Photo Gallery and Videos

Click here for the complete video playlist.

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