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Partnership for Student Success | "Organizing Your Child's Study Habits"

The Office of Student Affairs and the Learning Enhancement Programs present:

Partnership for Student Success
Parents and Professionals Coming Together to Share and Learn Strategies to Empower Students

The ACS Athens IIC Learning Enhancement Program is proud to continue an initiative established to address parents' and educators' collective interest in the well-being and development of students. Parents and professionals are cordially invited to join “Partnership for Student Success”, a series of presentations and forums that will provide the opportunity to share and learn strategies to empower student learners. Sessions will be scheduled monthly and will include a presentation on a topic related to promoting students' academic, emotional and social well-being followed by a discussion of the topic.

"Organizing Your Child's Study Habits"

How Parents Can Aid Their Children in Developing ​Efficient Study Habits

Date: Thursday, March 22, 2018 9:30-11:30am

Venue: Conference Room (Administration Building, second floor)

Speaker: Ms. Markella Kaplani, Counselor & Special Educator

R.S.V.P. for each session to Ms. Vicky Koumbouni at

For more information contact Mrs. Chris Perakis, Director, IIC Learning Enhancement Programs, 2106070283, or Ms. Danai Papaioannou, Student Affairs Officer, 2106070227.

Partnership for Student Success Having the appropriate study and organizational skills is essential for students to unlock their full potential. Regardless of grade level and learning style, all students require the knowledge on how to manage their time, prioritize their work, and maximize their capacity. In this presentation, you, as parents, will be given some tools that you can use and pass on to your children so as to assist them in augmenting their academic performance, whilst utilizing their study time efficiently, leaving room for recreation. You will be introduced to learning styles, roots of poor study habits and how to combat them, time-management techniques, note-taking, test-taking and memory skills, as well as counseling tips that will act as an enhancement to your child’s motivation to do well in school.

Speaker's Bio:
Other than her degree in Clinical & Counseling Psychology, Markella Kaplani has been certified and accumulated extensive experience working with students of all grade levels and learning needs in the context of facilitating them in reaching their academic potential. In the past, Ms. Kaplani has served as the Optimal Learning Program Coordinator and Specialist in our school, ACS Athens, addressing the needs of children who may learn differently. Currently, she has her own private practice as a counselor and educator, aiding students in attaining the study skills necessary to augment their academic performance and efficiency on an individual level.
Today, she is here to present you with some techniques that you, as parents, can implement at home to ensure that your child can learn optimally so as to increase his or her performance in school, whilst organizing his/her time in such a way that there is room for rest and play!

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