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Panhellenic Forensics Tournament 2018 - Congratulations to all!

Congratulations to the ACS Athens Forensics team for the most successful tournament results in recent years! ACS Athens won 2nd place in the Tournament and several of our students earned high distinctions across events!

Our Results Highlights:


First Among Equals in Group Discussion:
Asteris Dougalis
First Among Equals in Impromptu Speaking:
George Dougalis
Finalists in Impromptu Speaking:
Io Grivea,
George Trochopoulos &
George Dougalis
Finalists in Group Discussion:
Asteris Dougalis &
Marilina Bitsikas
Honorable Mentions in Group Discussion:
Madina Abbasova,
Maria Christodoulou &
Spyros Koliopoulos
4th Best Speaker for Debate:
George Dougalis


Debate Team (George Dougalis, Io Grivea, Tina Grivea, Violetta Alargoff Anagnostou & Ilia Ioannides) did not break to Quarter Finals for 1 Speaker Point!

Over 400 students from 19 schools competed in this year’s Pan Hellenic Forensics Tournament this past weekend, which was hosted by ACS Athens.

The school's campus was full of life and in constant motion as multiple rounds of events took place with students at the forefront. Coaches, Judges, Timekeepers, Student and Teacher Volunteers, Administrators and Administrative Staff, the Theater and Maintenance Crew…all worked endlessly and tirelessly to ensure a wonderful and meaningful experience for all.

We congratulate our ACS Athens Forensics Coaches for guiding our students to great heights and for their very hard work.: Leigh Anderson & Amalia Zavacopoulou (Debate), Stavi Dimas (Group Discussion), Emilia Drogaris (Oratory & Impromptu speaking), Hercules Lianos (Oral Interpretation) Elizabeth Ktorides, and Evan Syropoulos (Duet Acting).

We thank the Forensics Tournament Directors, Sofia Thanopoulou and Amalia Zavacopoulou, for undertaking this project and steering an extraordinary team of people in organizing this amazing event along with Danai Papaioannou and Chris Filippou, who were the heroes behind the scenes!

We thank all the ACS Athens community, the Students, Faculty, Administration, Administrative Staff, Parents, PTO and Alumni for their support in bringing the Forensics Tournament to fruition!

We also thank our student photographers for covering the event.

Thank you to our caterer, Gefsinus Food Culture, for donating lunches to our student volunteers.

Thank you to our sponsors for their generous support:
Coca-Cola Hellas S.A., Nestle Hellas S.A., Kir-Yianni S.A., and Tottis Foods International S.A.

In the four days of the 2018 Pan Hellenic Forensics Tournament, all students participated in events that manifested Ancient Greek Ideals and the American Philosophy of Education that promotes debate, intellectual discourse and critical thinking. We are proud of our students who competed with such integrity and ethos and congratulate them all for their great success!

Enjoy the slideshow courtesy of 9th Grade student Thalia Kalai!

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