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Accreditation Planning Team Meeting

Οn Tuesday 4th of December, approximately sixty people comprised of parents, students, faculty, administrators and board members, came together as members of the Accreditation Planning Team to proceed with the next accreditation cycle beggining 2022 using the Sustaining Excellence protocol.

The goals were twofold: to bring new members up to speed with the accreditation process and to give everyone a "snap shot" of student work and learning outcomes guided by ACS Athens faculty. Members engaged in a lively workshop as they walked through an exhibition of learning that was provided by the faculty. Six areas were highlighted: student scores, college placement, innovation, citizenship/community service, professional development and Action Research. The exhibit showcased the diverse and continuous progress of ACS Athens on all six areas with data, projects and initiatives that prove how ACS Athens sustains excellence. The result was extraordinary. The exhibition is open to all faculty and staff until Saturday, December 8th, at the Mindfulness Center.

Presently, ACS Athens is accredited by the MSA Sustaining Excellence protocol until 2022 thus becoming a de-facto model school for international education.


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