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Art Gallery visit field trip for IB1 and IB2 Visual Arts students on Friday, 15th of December, 2017

During the Art field trip the students visited three exhibitions:

  • Vincent Van Gogh multimedia Exhibition at the Athens Concert Hall, at Megaron.
  • Yannis Gaitis exhibition of works, at Eleftherias Park Art Center.
  • Group exhibition of Contemporary Artists "Integrall II", at Gallery Ileana Tounta-Contemporary Art Center, in Athens.

It was a group exhibition of: Dimitris Andreadis, Dimitris Baboulis, Kostas Bassanos, Socrates Fatouros, Dimitris Foutris, Katerina Komianou, Katerina Kotsala, Jannis Kounellis, George Lappas, Andreas Lolis, Lucas Samaras and George Stamatakis. The students filled every minute in between the gallery visits with outdoor art activities in the metro and in the Eleftherias' park. At the end they shared ideas and thoughts as well as filled their art criticism worksheet. It was a full, inspiring and productively creative day.

Enjoy the photo gallery from the field trip or the slideshow below...



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