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Student Affairs: Over $1.2 million in college scholarships offered to our 2017 graduates

While ACS Athens students, faculty and administration still celebrate the great success of this year's IB class, news of an unprecedented amount of college scholarships offered to our graduates has just been announced by the Office of Student Affairs.

The Dean of Student Affairs Dr. Peggy Pelonis announced that our Class of 2017 graduates were offered a total of over 1.24 million dollars in college scholarships to study in U.S. Canadian and European Universities. This amount includes all scholarship offers our students may have received, independently of where they choose to study.

The average amount offered to our school graduates this year tops $452,000 in scholarships, making this academic year one of the most fruitful in securing academic and other scholarships coming from higher education institutions.

Below is an indicative list of some of the highest scholarships offered:


  • $68,000/year - George Washington
  • $50,000/year - George Mason
  • $43,000/year - Worcester Polytechnic Institute
  • $42,000/year - Puget Sound
  • $37,000/year - Widener University
  • $36,000/year - Savannah College of Art and Design
  • $36,000/year - DePaul University
  • $32,500/year - University of Illinois
  • $31,722/year - Dartmouth University
  • $30,000/year - St. Thomas University

ACS Athens graduates received offers from Universities in the USA, the UK, the Netherlands, Romania, Spain, France, Austria and Greece, while 15 out our 72 graduates received offers from both US and European schools.

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