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Fifth Grade Presented The Ancient Greek Agora - May 31, 2017 

Ancient Agora 2017
Ancient Agora 2017

Fifth grade students took a step back in time last Wednesday and presented The Ancient Agora of Athens!

In projects like these, originality, inventiveness, role-playing and hands-on work combined with classroom research and study and demonstrate how students can become architects of their own learning.

The fifth grade students collaborated, researched, organized and reenacted daily scenes & customs in the lives of ancient Athenians and other Greeks, thereby displaying the students' knowledge of ancient Greek science, philosophy, mythology, athletics, theater and the arts, commerce...

Guests were treated to foods typical of ancient Greece, witnessed the Greek Gods on Mount Olympus, watched Olympic events and heard music as it may have sounded at that time;  Athenian and Spartan soldiers displayed their (handcrafted !) shields and other weapons, actors played in a tragedy, and many other scenes were exhibited!

  Enjoy memorable instances from the Ancient Greek Agora at this photo gallery - or view the below slideshow


  Students and faculty went to the Media Studio in the days following the exhibit and produced a series of video presentations each featuring a theme!

Congratulations to all involved for their hard work and creativity in putting together these 14 videos!

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