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Mentor Program Exhibition, May 26, 2017

You are cordially invited to this year's Mentor Program Project Exhibition.

In the exhibit you can view, ask questions and interact with the students presenting their innovative projects and can gain insight behind the scenes of the Mentor Program - where true magic takes place!

Meanwhile, let us take you on a small mental journey of what took place throughout the year. Upon entering the class of a mentor working with his/her mentee, you would realize how the mixture of knowledge and innovation can blow learning out of proportion!

Mentor Exhibit 2016 From the Exhibit of 2016

If someone were to peek into a classroom where a fourth grader was working with a math teacher on high school curriculum, you would see a child asking question after question but not expecting simple answers.  Instead, one would see a student accepting the challenge of answering the questions by drawing conclusions from previously acquired information combined with his wild imagination and relying on his mentor’s guidance as a stepping stone that would lead to more exploration... she learns 'how' to learn and think critically by maintaining her determination and using all available resources to find solutions to any obstacle...

If someone were to eavesdrop, they would perhaps, hear a sixth grader posing intriguing philosophical questions about how the universe began and who then decides to explore it scientifically by studying codes, cryptography, and steganography and advancing into how codes work, how to break them, only to lead to endless empirical hypotheses on how the universe began where it is headed, and even how it will end!

You would marvel at the persistence of a ten year old, who wants to create a professional digital game from scratch.  You would admire her as she learns ‘how’ to learn and think critically by maintaining her determination and using all available resources Mentor Exhibit 2016 From the Exhibit of 2016 to find solutions to any obstacle she encounters instead of adjusting her expectations or giving up.

You would explore with the eleventh grader who inquires about science but does not rely on Google for the answer, challenging herself to find the answers through experimenting on her own!

You would applaud that student, who, though only a sixth grader, is contributing to the wider mathematics educational community not only by learning about arithmetic concepts but also by creating instructional videos that others can directly benefit from!

The examples are countless and we invite everyone to drop by and experience for themselves the many different endeavors of our students!

Student Name Mentor Title/theme of Exhibition
Michael Londos Moros Sophia All About Spiders - Fiction and Facts
Paris Diamandis Bakoyannis Christina Experimenting with Science
Dennis Romain Dougherty Patrick A Timeline of Ancient History
Vagelis Paraskevopoulos Economopoulos Constantinos Vangelis Deep Sea Quest blog
Ioanna Pantazis O'Connor Keren Creative Writing
Paneras, Evan Chamosfakidis Angela Writing@Work!
Tigkas, Panagiotis Bregiannis Petros Series and Power Series
Furda, Mark Fields Rhodell Advance Music & Composition
Sitinas Athanasios Papaioannou Danai "Veni Vini Amavi" (We Came, We Saw, We Loved) Memoirs from “The Floating City”
Rizwana Sekandari Papaioannou Danai "Living without a soul; Learning to be brave" A Comparison of Eastern and Western Women's Rights
Barmpouris, Constantinos Parakatis Nick Advanced SAT techniques
Papatzanakis Paraskevi (Vivian) Cramer Justin Biology Investigations
George Dougalis Evangelos Syropoulos Creative writing
Huyn Young Joon Stamati Angeliki Calculus 101

Date & Time:

  • Friday, May 26, 2017 at 13:00 - 15:00


  • The Lobby & Atrium of the Theater at ACS Athens

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