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House System Celebration, May 17, 2017


This year the Office of Student Affairs is re-introducing everyone to the House System.  An ACS Athens Tradition since 1950 that consists of four Houses: The Athenians (Green), The Corinthians (Red), The Spartans (Blue) and The Trojans (Yellow).

How is this accomplished?

The House System is designed, through a number of academic, athletic, community service and interest group events, to encourage school spirit, build a sense of belonging and create a sense of continuity and permanence beyond ACS Athens...
A-wareness: Build healthy competition and a strong value system among all ACS Athens members
T-radition: Foster lifelong commitment to ACS Athens
L-egacies: Keep it in the family and leave something meaningful behind
A-lumni Involvement: We are an extended family
S-ense of Belonging: Connecting new and older students (families) as well as alumni

Each student, faculty, staff, administrator and parent at ACS Athens belongs to a House.   Families typically belong to the same house.  Each member of the House can attain points for involvement in activities, academic events, interest groups, sports and community service both individually and as groups.  The rubric for attaining House points is available at the school.  Lists of House members are posted on the wall of each school.   If you are not sure what House you belong to please contact the office of Student Affairs.

On Tuesday, May 16th a school-wide House Kick-Off celebration took place where students, faculty, staff and administrators wore their House T-shirts, participated in a celebration involving song, dance, face painting and more.

We would like to share, with the ACS Athens community, moments from this joyful event, via a photo collection, (also view via flickr), as well as a video.  (Video coming up soon...)

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