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Holiday Shoeboxes Initiative | November 30 - December 18

Click to see details and restrictions on How to Pack a Holiday Shoebox The Service Leaders Club has been working hard to earn money to purchase holiday gifts for children in need. Everyone's help is needed in order to achieve the goal of purchasing 150 gifts for refugee children at the Good Samaritan Social and Medical Center!

The Good Samaritan Social and Medical Center serves refugee women by providing them with access to doctors and medicine, use of washing machines, hot meals, as well lessons in English. Their children receive a meaningful education in English, as well access to pediatricians, needed medicines and nutrition, and vaccinations. Every year during the Christmas holiday, the people who serve there show their love by distributing gifts to these children, who would otherwise not receive a gift during this, or any other season. This year the Center does not have a sponsor for these presents and their budget is very tight!

Consider creating a Holiday Shoebox for a refugee child this Christmas season! Each shoe box should contain a gift or combination of smaller gifts that amount to approximately 10-15€ for a child based on gender and age. If you cannot create a shoebox but still want to contribute, you can also provide individual items for us to place in shoeboxes.

There is something enchanting about a child opening a gift that has been individually wrapped just for him or her. Please join forces with the Service Leaders Club and make this very special for a boy or girl who may desperately need something to smile about...

Please click here to see details and restrictions on How to Pack a Holiday Shoebox.

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