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ACS Athens Faculty & Staff at ICODL2017

Five ACS Athens faculty and the Director of Educational Technology and eLearning presented with great success at the 9th International Conference in Open and Distance Learning (ICODL) which coincided with the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Hellenic Open University. The conference took place at the new premises of the Hellenic Open University in the center of Athens, Greece, November 23-26, and it focused on the Learning Design in Open and Distance Learning.

The panel presentation of ACS Athens focused on the scholarship of teaching. More specifically, the panelists discussed how their researching their own i2Flex(blended) classrooms had shaped and optimized the learning experiences of their students. They also elaborated on how their teaching practices were transformed as a result, and what aspects of their journeys empowered them to share their experiences with the larger community within, but also beyond the ecosystem of ACS Athens (the scholarship of teaching as defined by Boyer, 1990) through professional development meetings, and academic publications (such as authoring for the i2Flex book edited by Avgerinou & Gialamas, 2016).

Among the audience, there were two keynote speakers of the ICOLD conference: Prof. Alan Tait (Open University, UK) and Prof. Susanne Radtke (Ulm University, Germany) (see picture) who were particularly complimentary of the ACS Athens presentation. Prof. Tait, in particular, was impressed that we used Boyer's Framework for the scholarship of teaching which applies mainly to the Faculty of Higher Education. In addition, he strongly encouraged the panel to publish their work so that it can become a model for others to emulate both in the HE and the K12.

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