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The Incubator of Students' Creative Ideas (ISCI) hosts the Inaugural Innovation Summit (Dec 11-12)

The ACS Athens Inaugural Innovation Summit is an event that will occur on December 11th-12th, 2017.
It is hosted and organized by the Incubator of Students' Creative Ideas (ISCI). The summit will include guest students from the Hisar School in Istanbul, Turkey, that will be teaching several computer science workshops to ACS's students. ACS Athens students have also designed workshops that will be taking place during the Summit.

Workshops scheduled include:


Arduino is an open-source electronics platform based on easy-to-use hardware and software. In this course students will use Arduino UNO boards to turn on LED’s, control Servo motors and get input from push buttons.

Adobe tools

Taking one more step closer to the fact that any idea can turn into a reality through Adobe software, used commonly for illustration/design projects

Fusion​ ​360

​Fusion 360 is a 3D design program that makes ideas come to reality. In this course students will learn the basics of 3D design with Fusion and be able design their first creations.


This course is the perfect introduction to text-based programming. Students will learn the
basics of the Python programming language and write their first computer programs!


Scratch is a platform where students can program their own games, animations and
interactive stories. With this course they will be able to develop the problem solving and
analytical thinking skills necessary for learning complicated programming languages in the
future. This course also includes Makey Makey that can bring games to life and
learn the basics of electronics.

Fashion​ ​Design​

The Fashion Course is an exciting activity where students will be able to learn all about fashion and its importance. Students will take part in hands-on activities, such as making their own clothing, watch a fashion show from young designers of our school, hear experiences from models, and overall have a knowledgeable, unforgettable time.

Ancient​ ​Greek​ ​Ethics​

Scratching the surface of Ancient Greek thought and Ethics, through coming in contact with political speech, poetry, and other literary works of the archaic, pre-classical, and classical period. This seminar aims to bring attendees in contact with the works, allow for them to discuss the time’s discourse and connect it with today’s development on the same issues, as well as hopefully stimulate further interest for this sort of research and
analytical work.

Creative​ ​Writing

This workshop offers a great way to get familiarized with the topics of
creative writing and humanities. Students will explore the importance of perspective, originality and imagination in creative writing, and discover the importance of media in regards to their everyday life. They will also come across the way the media can obtain a certain image to target a certain audience. 



Youth to Youth Program - Completion Celebration

The Youth to Youth Program is an ACS Athens service project in collaboration with the HOME Project designed to assist unaccompanied refugee children to integrate into the local community through education.

The event will take place on December 13, 2017 at 5:00 p.m. at The Theater ACS Athens.


Shankar's International Children's Art Competition Ceremony at ACS Athens

The Award Ceremony for the Shankar's International Children's Art Competition took place on Tuesday, November 28th in the lobby of the ACS Athens theater.

Mr. Steven Medeiros, Dean of Academic Affairs, opened the award ceremony by thanking the Indian Embassy for their support of this competition. The winning students from all schools, as well as the runners-up, received their prize from the Head of Chancery, Mr. Gopal Ram and Dr. Peggy Pelonis, Dean of Student Affairs.

Congratulations to all children who took part!




ACS Athens participates in MoodleMoot Greece 2017

ACS Athens had a strong presence at the first MoodleMoot Greece Conference which was held on December 1 and 2nd, 2017 at the Athens University of Applied Sciences (ΤΕΙ of Athens). MoodleMoot conferences take place around the world and are dedicated to users, developers and administrators of Moodle, the open-source course management system used by many educational institutions, including ACS Athens.

The focus was on how people are using Moodle to empower educators to improve education in Greece and globally and to discuss key open projects that the Moodle community can get involved in.

Two successful presentations were delivered by ACS Athens faculty members for the conference track involving "Best Practices in K-12". Dr. Maria Avgerinou, with input in the Q&A from Ms. Mary Manos, presented, "The Ecology and Evolution of Moodle in the K12: The case of ACS Athens". Ms. Christina Bakoyiannis, Dr. Antonis Karampelas, and Ms. Marianna Sidiropoulou presented, "Optimizing K12 Blended Teaching with Moodle: Perspectives of International Educators at ACS Athens".
Both presentations were so well received that the scheduled time had to be extended by a half hour to accommodate the rich Q&A sessions that followed.

In order to achieve a more holistic approach in representing the use of Moodle at ACS Athens, four ACS Athens students, from the Elementary, Middle and High School, volunteered to participate in the Q&A sessions. These students shared feedback on how they experience Moodle from their individual perspectives, and offered recommendations toward the improvement of the platform.

On the first day, Prof. Demetrios Sampson, Curtain University Australia and University of Piraeus, Greece introduced the ACS Athens faculty members attending the plenary sessions to Mr. Martin Dougiamas, CEO and Founder of Moodle, where they had the opportunity to discuss future collaborations with him.

On the 2nd day, Mr. Dougiamas attended the ACS Athens presentations and engaged actively with the students in the Q&A sessions that followed. He was particularly impressed with their focused and very detailed feedback on using Moodle for learning!


Holiday Shoeboxes Initiative | November 30 - December 18

Click to see details and restrictions on How to Pack a Holiday Shoebox The Service Leaders Club has been working hard to earn money to purchase holiday gifts for children in need. Everyone's help is needed in order to achieve the goal of purchasing 150 gifts for refugee children at the Good Samaritan Social and Medical Center!

The Good Samaritan Social and Medical Center serves refugee women by providing them with access to doctors and medicine, use of washing machines, hot meals, as well lessons in English. Their children receive a meaningful education in English, as well access to pediatricians, needed medicines and nutrition, and vaccinations. Every year during the Christmas holiday, the people who serve there show their love by distributing gifts to these children, who would otherwise not receive a gift during this, or any other season. This year the Center does not have a sponsor for these presents and their budget is very tight!

Consider creating a Holiday Shoebox for a refugee child this Christmas season! Each shoe box should contain a gift or combination of smaller gifts that amount to approximately 10-15€ for a child based on gender and age. If you cannot create a shoebox but still want to contribute, you can also provide individual items for us to place in shoeboxes.

There is something enchanting about a child opening a gift that has been individually wrapped just for him or her. Please join forces with the Service Leaders Club and make this very special for a boy or girl who may desperately need something to smile about...

Please click here to see details and restrictions on How to Pack a Holiday Shoebox.


ACS Athens Faculty & Staff at ICODL2017

Five ACS Athens faculty and the Director of Educational Technology and eLearning presented with great success at the 9th International Conference in Open and Distance Learning (ICODL) which coincided with the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Hellenic Open University. The conference took place at the new premises of the Hellenic Open University in the center of Athens, Greece, November 23-26, and it focused on the Learning Design in Open and Distance Learning.

The panel presentation of ACS Athens focused on the scholarship of teaching. More specifically, the panelists discussed how their researching their own i2Flex(blended) classrooms had shaped and optimized the learning experiences of their students. They also elaborated on how their teaching practices were transformed as a result, and what aspects of their journeys empowered them to share their experiences with the larger community within, but also beyond the ecosystem of ACS Athens (the scholarship of teaching as defined by Boyer, 1990) through professional development meetings, and academic publications (such as authoring for the i2Flex book edited by Avgerinou & Gialamas, 2016).

Among the audience, there were two keynote speakers of the ICOLD conference: Prof. Alan Tait (Open University, UK) and Prof. Susanne Radtke (Ulm University, Germany) (see picture) who were particularly complimentary of the ACS Athens presentation. Prof. Tait, in particular, was impressed that we used Boyer's Framework for the scholarship of teaching which applies mainly to the Faculty of Higher Education. In addition, he strongly encouraged the panel to publish their work so that it can become a model for others to emulate both in the HE and the K12.