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Wag-A-Thon 2018

ACS Athens will participate in this year's Wag-A-Thon, organized by the "Friends of Animals" of N. Philadelphia, walking Blue on Sunday, October 14th at 12pm.

The purpose of the participation is to promote Blue to find a forever home and also try to raise as many funds as possible for the shelter in which Blue currently lives!

For those who would like to support our effort, please contact us!


Presentation "Mathematics applied or Knot", Tuesday October 9, 2018

ACS Athens invites you to the "Pythagora's Darkest Hour" performance which will be presented by ACS Athens students Petros Koumetis and Stathis Plessas, which will begin at 2:40pm and will take place in the Administration Building Conference room.

The presentation "Mathematics applied or Knot" by the renowned Mathematician Dr. Colin Adams will follow and will last until 3:45pm.


Blue Shirt Day

On Monday, October 1st, the Middle School had its first Blue Shirt Day, which is the national day against Bullying in the USA. On this day (the first Monday of every October) students wear blue shirts in order to show solidarity against bullying!

Blue Shirt Day is a day where you can have your voice heard and send a message that bullying is not ok

Let's Unite and Stomp out Bullying! Change starts with you!

Office of Student Affairs


Peace and Sport Awards 2018 / ACS Athens nomination

ACS Athens is glad to announce its nomination to 2018 @peaceandsport Awards that reward organizations and individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to peace, in the world through sport! ACS Athens applied to the Regional Peace-Through-Sport Initiative Of The Year for The Color of Peace@peaceandsport.
Please click here for more info.
Share if you think ACS Athens should win! #RhodesToPeace #BePartOfWhatMatters


MSA President Cram: ACS Athens' action research attests that "All children can learn" 

MSA President Cram

As ACS Athens prepares for another accreditation cycle that will engage the entire community during the next few years, it is important to remember what our latest accreditation under the highest protocol "Sustaining Excellence" has achieved. Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools grants this accreditation, and its President has crystallized what ACS Athens has accomplished so far:

"ACS Athens in successfully completing MSA's action research protocol for accreditation has added affirmatively to the body of knowledge confirming that all children can learn. The results of the school's research will lead others to meet the challenge of preparing every student for the modern world. ACS Athens serves as a model for what can and needs to be done in education and how even the highest performing schools can and must continue to improve."


Homework: How much is too much? (Business Partners, July-August 2018)

ACS Athens

Homework: How much is too much?
An article published in the Business Partners July-August 2018 issue written by Sophia Moros, Elementary School Principal.

Read more below.