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ACS Athens Welcomes Visiting Colleges & Universities

Every year, ACS Athens' Office of Student Services welcomes visits by a number of distinguished Colleges & Universities from the U.S., Europe and from all over the world, that offer guidance and invaluable information that will help our students gain insight and help them make an informed decision on the schools they apply to as undergraduate students.

For more information, please contact us at +30 210.6070.226 c/o Ms. Danai Papaioannou



DATE of Scheduled Visit




Tufts University, MA, USA September 16 9:00 Ms. Yulia Korovikov, Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions Confirmed
Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne, Switzerland September 20 10:15 Ms. Alexandra Schaffner, Admissions Officer Online Confirmed
Worcester Polytechnic Institute, MA, USA September 22 10:30 Ms. Julie Loveless, Associate Director of Admissions Confirmed
American University of Beirut, Beirut, Lebanon September 26 11:30 Ms. Nadine Naffah, Associate Director of Admissions Confirmed
Boston University, MA, USA September 27 10:15 Mr. Liam McCartney, Sr. Assistant Director Confirmed
University of Southampton, UK September 29 10:15 Mr. Filippo Lorenzon, Professor of Maritime and Commercial Law Confirmed
Northeastern University, MA, USA September 29 14:40 Ms. Anna Manice, Assistant Director, International Student Support and Programming Confirmed
University of Richmond, VA, USA September 30 9:00 Ms. Marily Hesser, Senior Associate Director of Admission Confirmed
Bentley University, MA, USA October 3 9:00 Ms. Karen Karidoyanes, Director of International and Transfer Admission Confirmed
Hult International Business School, MA, USA October 3 10:15 Mr. Shane Healy, Associate Regional Enrollment Director - Europe Confirmed
College of Charleston, SC, USA October 3 11:30 Ms. Melissa Ochal, Associate Director International Student and Scholar Services Confirmed
John Cabot University, Rome, Italy October 4 9:15 Ms. Arianna Catti De Gasperi, Assistant Director for International Admissions Confirmed
Merrimack College, MA, USA October 4 10:15 Ms. Paulina Bula, Assistant Director of International Admission Confirmed
Harvard College, MA, USA October 4 11:30 Ms. Janet Irons, Senior Admissions Officer Confirmed
Davidson College, NC, USA October 5 9:15 Ms. Kaye-Lani Laughna, International Admission Officer Confirmed
Fordham University, NY, USA October 5 10:15 Ms. Monica Esser, Director of Enrollment Group International Initiatives/ Associate Director for International Admission Confirmed
Knox College, IL, USA October 17 13:25 Mr. Joshua Ferchau, Director of International Student Services and Admission Confirmed
Swiss Education Group, Montreux, Switzerland October 19 9:00 Mr. Levi (Nikitin) Kritikos, Student Counselor & Local Representative Confirmed
Pomona College, CA, USA October 20 10:15 Mr. Seth Allen, Vice President and Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid Confirmed
New York University, Abu Dhabi October 21 15:00 Mr. Justin Van Dyke, Outreach Officer Confirmed
University of Hull, UK October 25 10:15 Mr. Lars Kascha, Europe Development Manager International Office Confirmed
Bocconi University, Italy November 1 10:15 Ms. Barbara Prevosti, Guidance & Recruitment Office International Services Confirmed
Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Italy November 4 11:30 Ms. Ilaria Maria Bossi, Global Engagement and International Education Confirmed
Amherst College, MA, USA November 7 11:30 Mr. Xiaofeng Wan, Assistant Dean of Admission - Coordinator of International Recruitment Confirmed
Suffolk University, MA, USA November 10 9:00 Mr. Tom Biedermann, Admission Counselor Confirmed
Syracuse University, NY, USA November 10 9:00 Ms. Nancy Machles Rothchild, Associate Dean/Office of Admissions Confirmed
University of Reading, UK November 11 11:30 Ms. Helena Pieroulli, Regional Officer Americas, Global Recruitment (International), Marketing Communication and Engagement Confirmed
Lancaster University, UK November 14 11:30 Ms. Alice Callaghan, International Officer (Europe & Latin America) Confirmed
City University London, UK November 14 13:25 Mr. Adam-Lucas Pettit, International Officer Confirmed
Liverpool University, UK November 15 9:15 Ms. Alicia Bethel, Country Development Manager Confirmed
St George's, University of London medical programme, Nicosia, Cyprus November 15 10:15 Mr. John Surrey, Director of Admissions and Development Confirmed
New College of the Humanities, London, UK December 2 14:40 Ms. Marie-Anne Martin, Head of European Recruitment Confirmed
European University, Cyprus December 8 10:15 Ms. Marina Alexandrou, Director, Admissions & Marketing.   Mr. Kostas Gouliamos, Rector Confirmed
The University of Chicago, IL, U.S.A. February 3 10:15 Mr. Chris Davey, Assistant Director of Admissions Confirmed
Glion & Les Roches, Switzerland February 13 14:40 Ms. Suzanne Kaloudi-Ebener, Laureate Hospitality Education.  Mr. Leandros Pempos Confirmed


Special Events

Please note these special events:

Widener University logo

Widener University Information Session - Dec. 12, 2016

Dear Students & Faculty:

We are very excited to invite you to a University Information session with Widener University, as follows

Date & Time :

  • Monday, December 12 at 13:30

Venue :

  • Conference Center at ACS Athens Administration building

Speakers :

  • Dr. Julie Wollman: President of Widener University, and
  • Dean Joe Baker: School of Engineering

Widener is entering this collaboration agreement with ACS Athens, based on their commitment to attract students from high quality international schools.  A number of scholarships for international students are available from the university and in particular will be available for ACS Athens students.

Widener University has over 45 undergraduate majors, including top ranked pre-professional programs in Medicine, Pre-Law, Engineering and Physical Therapy.

Additionally, Widener’s Oskin Leadership Institute has been well established and prepares students to be strategic leaders and responsible citizens.

For more information please visit the Widener University website.


University of Delaware logo

University of Delaware Information Session - Dec. 15, 2016

Dear Parents, Students:

It is with pleasure that we invite you to a College Evening Information session with the University of Delaware, as follows

Date & Time :

  • Thursday, December 15 at 18:00

Venue :

  • Conference Center at ACS Athens Administration building

Speakers :

  • Dr. Douglas Zander: Director of Admissions, and
  • Dr. Song Hoffman: Associate Director of Admissions

The University of Delaware is one of the premier state universities in the United States and is currently entering a collaboration agreement with ACS Athens, based on their commitment to attract students from high quality international schools.  A number of scholarships for international students are also available from the university.

In addition, as part of our collaboration agreement, ACS Athens will also be mentoring a group of UDEL teachers in training this spring, and both schools have committed to implementing a visiting scholar program as part of our respective professional development programs.

The University of Delaware includes over 150 majors in the following areas:

  • College of Arts & Sciences
  • College of Engineering
  • College of Health Sciences
  • College of Education and Human Development
  • Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics
  • College of Earth, Ocean and Environment
  • College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

For more information please visit the University of Delaware website.

To attend this event: please RSVP to Ms. Danai Papaioannou at by Tuesday, December 13


The College & University Visits calendar will be updated throughout the year, so please visit it frequently for updated information on our events.

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