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Welcome to the ACS Athens Athletic Department

Welcome to ACS Athens Athletics!


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ISST Organization

ISST Boys Volleyball @ Dusseldorf

ISST Girls Volleyball @ Frankfurt

ISST Cross Country Championships @ Bonn

ISST Girls Division 3 Soccer @ British School of Brussels


Athletic Scholarship Recipients Recognized

The 12th consecutive group of the "Hasib and Diana Tamari Sabbagh" Athletic Scholarships recipients were recognized October 17, 2017, in the annual Scholarship luncheon held at ACS Athens. Every year since 2006 the Scholarships give the opportunity to four 10th Graders, boys and girls, who excel in Academics and competitive basketball, to complete their High School studies at ACS Athens, preparing for international universities and colleges. Present were the Scholarship donors, Suheil and Samir Sabbagh, the President of the school Dr. Stefanos Gialamas, the Athletics Director Annie Constantinides, the Enrollment Management Team, Frances Tottas and John Papadakis, and the parents of the students.

Also present were Jessica Ogunnorin (class of 2010) and Anastasia Koniali (class of 2013), who as past scholarship recipients and University graduates talked to the new recipients about the merit of the program and how to best prepare themselves for 3 exciting years in ACS Athens. The recipients join a group of over 30 students who have gone through or are currently in the program, preparing for higher education abroad using sports as their springboard for an exciting academic and professional career.


Varsity Boys Volleyball & Girls Varsity Soccer teams capture 1st place

The Local Boys Volleyball and Girls Soccer tournaments that took place at ACS Athens, on Tuesday, October 17th were completed with great success!

Our Varsity Boys Volleyball team had a great opportunity to improve and gain experience by playing a series of competitive games.The team showed its hard work and character by winning a very tough final.

Our Varsity Girls Soccer team had the opportunity to compete and show directly its dominance. The team is very promising and ready for the upcoming ISST Tournament.

ACS Athens would like to congratulate all athletes and coaches and wish a great rest of the season!


Byron vs Campion 0-2
St. Catherine's vs ACS Athens 0-2
Campion vs ISA 2-1
St. Lawrence vs ACS Athens 0-2
Byron vs ISA 2-0
St. Catherine's vs St. Lawrence 2-1
St. Catherine's vs St. Lawrence 2-0 (for 3rd place)
ACS Athens vs Campion 2-0 (for 1st and 2nd place)
  1. ACS Athens
  2. Campion
  3. St. Catherine's


ACS Athens vs Campion 5-1
St. Catherine's vs St. Lawrence 3-1
Campion vs St. Lawrence 1-3
ACS Athens vs St. Catherines 4-0
St. Catherine's vs Campion 3-1
ACS Athens vs St. Lawrence 8-0
  1. ACS Athens
  2. St. Catherine's
  3. St. Lawrence

Varsity Girls Soccer & Varsity Boys Volleyball tournaments at ACS Athens on Oct. 17th

The ACS Athens varsity teams are half way into the season and will be playing against other international schools from the Athens community on October 17th. Competition will take place with Byron College, ISA, St. Catherine's school, St. Lawrence and Campion in the ACS Athens Gym and our soccer field.

These tournaments provide an excellent opportunity for our athletes and coaches to test themselves as they are getting ready for their culminating events in November.

Good Luck to all!



Participating Schools: ACS Athens, Campion, ISA, St. Catherine's, St. Lawrence, Byron College

ACS Athens Campion
St. Lawrence Byron
St. Catherine's ISA
9:30Byron vs Campion
10:30St. Catherine's – ACS Athens
11:30Campion - ISA
12:30St. Lawrence – ACS Athens
13:30Byron - ISA
14:30St. Catherine's – St. Lawrence
15:302nd Pool 1 vs 2nd Pool 2 (for 3rd place)
16:301st Pool 1 vs 1st Pool 2 (for 1st-2nd Place)


Tuesday, OCTOBER 17th

Participating Schools: ACS Athens, Campion, St. Catherine's, St. Lawrence


9:30ACS Athens - Campion
10:30St. Catherine’s – St. Lawrence
11:30Campion – St. Lawrence
12:30ACS Athens – St. Catherine's
13:30St. Catherine’s – Campion
14:30ACS Athens - St. Lawrence

Cross Country - City Road Race

The ACS Athens Cross Country team participated in the City Road race that took place on Sunday, October 8th at Halandri, with great success. The 21 Middle & High School runners experienced the 5k fun race and showed enthusiasm while training hard for the upcoming local meet at Syngrou park as well as the International meet they have in November. Congratulations to our student, Denzel Webb, who finished 4th overall.

ACS Athens would like to congratulate all athletes and coaches!