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Welcome to the ACS Athens Athletic Department

Welcome to ACS Athens Athletics!


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ISST Organization

ISST Boys Volleyball @ Dusseldorf

ISST Girls Volleyball @ Frankfurt

ISST Cross Country Championships @ Bonn

ISST Girls Division 3 Soccer @ British School of Brussels


JV Boys & Girls Basketball Season Comes to an end! March 2017

JV Boys Basketball
JV Girls Basketball

The Jr. Varsity Boys and Girls Basketball season came to an end yesterday, March 13th.

The Boys’ tournament was hosted at ACS Athens, while the Girls’ team competed at St. Lawrence College.

Both teams were very competitive throughout the tournament and all players were give ample minutes of participation.  ACS Athens faced the teams of Campion, St. Lawrence and St. Catherine's and despite the players' young age, they experienced close and exciting games, with both teams finishing in third place.  This gave them the experience needed to come back more improved next year!

View the galleries from the tournaments for the JV Girls Tournament and the JV Boys Tournament...

A Strong Finish For Our Varsity Basketball Teams - March 13, 2017

ACS Athens Girls BasketballACS Athens Basketball - 1st place Winners
ACS Athens Boys BasketballACS Athens Basketball - 3rd place Winners

What a great way to finish the basketball season!

The ACS Athens Girls Varsity team competed in Frankfurt in the ISST Div. 2 championship and captured first place, defeating the host school Frankfurt by a margin of 6 points, 42 - 36.  All of the girls' games were close games but they finished with 5 wins and the gold medal in their hands.   Great effort by all the girls!

Congratulations to Joana Meco and Marie Heder for their All Star selection.

Not far from there, in the ISST Div. 1 championship in Brussels, the ACS Athens Boys Varsity team finished in third place with a 4 win - 1 loss record.   While most of their games were won by a large margin, they fell short playing against ACS Cobham.  They did finish strong by defeating Vienna International School by a margin of 23 points for the bronze medal!  Great effort by all the players!

Congratulations to Marios Bourtzonis and Angelos Makras for their All Star selection.   A job well done by Angelos Makras who was the Scott Baillie Award recipient, a prestigious ISST award as voted by the coaches for the player who demonstrates character, intensity, sportsmanship and poise.

Congratulations to the athletes and coaches!

All Star Girls Basketball SelectionMarie Heder and Joana Meco in the All Star team
ACS Athens Boys Basketball distinctionsACS Athens Basketball Distinctions - Marios Bourtzonis and Angelos Makras

Video Presentation of International Swimming Cup, Mar. 8, 2017

The ACS Athens International Swimming Cup of 2017 has just concluded with over 300 athletes competing from 17 schools (from Europe, the Middle East and Greece.)

On that occasion we would like to share with you a very nice video/overview of the Cup - presenting the teams and comments from athletes and coaches...

Many thanks go out to our Athletics Assistant Danique van der Straten for all the work on putting this video together.



JV Girls Basketball Tournament @St. Lawrence, March 13, 2017

JV Girls Basketball

The ACS Athens Jr. Varsity Girls Basketball is very happy to participate in the Spring Jr. Varsity Girls Basketball Tournament hosted at St. Lawrence on Monday, March 13, 2017.

This will be a great opportunity for our team to compete and improve their game with other players of the same age.  See below for schedule and teams :

9:30 St. Catherine's - St. Lawrence 33 - 14
10:30 ACS Athens - Campion School 16 - 15
11:30 St. Lawrence - ACS Athens 27 - 26
12:30 Campion - St. Catherine's 6 - 30
13:30 ACS Athens - St. Catherine's 13 - 29
14:30 St. Lawrence - Campion School 37 - 24

Good Luck to All Athletes!

Photo Gallery

We would like to invite you to browse through our team's efforts in this recent tournament, via this gallery, or see a slider-preview below...


Spring Tryouts Starting March 13, 2017

Dear Students-Athletes,

The Athletic department is very happy to announce a period of tryouts for Competitive Sports of Spring 2017.

The sports offered during this time are Track & Field and Tennis; please see dates and times below..

Good Luck to All Athletes!

SPRING Tryouts


  • High School : March 13, 15, 16, 20, 22, 23
  • Middle School : March 16, 20, 22, 23
Meeting Time: Track & Field @16:00.   On the 15th meet @12:00


  • Middle School: March 17, 23
  • High School: March 20, 23
Sign Up: It is required that you sign up at the Tennis office or courts from March 13th - 16th from 9:30 - 17:30!
Meeting Time: Tennis courts @16:00

Teams End Season with Phenomenal Performance at the International Swimming Cup, Mar. 6, 2017

ACS Athens High School Swimming Cup

The ACS Athens International Swimming Cup took place on March 3-4, and it was the culminating event of the swimming season - it was a weekend to remember!

Over 330 swimmers and 35 coaches joined us for a two day competition where athletes represented 17 schools:

American School of Israel, Cairo American College, American School of Kuwait, American School of Riyadh, American Cooperative School of Tunis, Universal Academy of Dubai, Gems Wellington in Dubai, Vienna International School, Frankfurt International School, American International School of Vienna, American School of Amman, CGS, German School of Athens, Ziridi School, Ellinogermaniki School, Campion and ACS Athens

Competition was demanding and our teams gave it their best!   Our High School and Middle School swimmers had 32 appearances in final races with 5 gold medals, 4 silver medals and and 7 bronze medals.

A great finish for all the swimmers and especially our seniors who led the team throughout the season in many ways: George Panagopoulos, Nicola Di Piazza, Sofia Syrma, Maria Rifiotis, Dieter Teirlinck and Jacqueline Kassinaki-Baty.

Congratulations to all the swimmers and their coaches!


JV Boys Basketball Tournament, March 13, 2017

JV BOYS Basketball

The ACS Athens Athletic department is very happy to host a Spring Jr. Varsity Boys Basketball Tournament that will be taking place on Monday, March 13, 2017.

This will be a great opportunity for our boys to compete and improve their game with other players of the same age.  Schedule and teams are as follows:

9:30 ACS Athens - Campion School 37 - 35
10:45 St. Catherine's - St. Lawrence 29 - 38
12:00 ACS Athens - St. Lawrence 36 - 67
13:15 Campion - St. Catherine's 46 - 49
14:30 St. Lawrence - Campion 63 - 30
15:45 St. Catherine's - ACS Athens 44 - 39

Good Luck to All Athletes!


ACS Athens International Swimming Cup, Mar. 3 - 4, 2017

ACS Athens Int'l Swimming Cup 2017


Dear Swimmers, Coaches and Guests,

Annie Constantinides It is with great pleasure that I welcome everyone to the ACS Athens International Swimming Cup.  This event has evolved into a unique competition since there will be a “blend” of international and local schools joined together for two days of great swimming!

Once again, the ACS Athens community is very happy to host all these swimmers – more than 300 swimmers coming to us from eleven (11) international schools and six (6) schools from the Athens area.

The entire community is working hard to provide a top quality event and I am confident that all parties will enjoy this competition and perform having in mind the values of sportsmanship and effort.

I hope that you will have the opportunity to explore the city and create great memories!



Annie Constantinides
Director of Athletics, Summer Camp & Recreational Programs

Live Broadcast & Results

Watch the competition broadcast live !

You may also follow the competition via live results here...


Swimming Cup Teams & Rosters

(Click on team logo to view roster...)

ACS Amman
American Community School of Amman - ACS-A
Amman, Jordan    

Mudheher Al-Tekreeti, Hiba Arafeh, Drue Aynsley Harvey, Mia Grace Wolfenden Scanlon, Lauren Noor Fullerton, Iskandar Rum Sawalha, Maurice Sager Sawalha, Amin Alsarif, George de Jonge, Gabriel Snyder, Clara Ullenhag, Mahmoud Abualtin, Abigail Eid, Aidan Eid, Haya Firas, Jasmine D. Kauffeld, Alexander M. Kauffeld, Talia Wals, Ghazi Ali Bilbeisi, Sep Julia Rikkerink, Leila Aikili Hagen

Coach: Robert Eugene Harvey
Coach: Toni Lee Harvey
Coach: Tracy Ann Ramberg
Tunis, Tunisia    

Anna Jaaskelainen, Namita Pise, Jennifer Goetz, Nora Makina, Tessa Rehill, Hannah Proulx, Emna Ouali, Iciar De La Torre, Lorin Kasten, Rayen Ayechi, Jay Pise, Jonah Rubinstein, Graham Shinn, Maxim Cassart, Noah Proulx, Joseph Brunnhuber, Nils Lehmann, Omar Elba, Rami Safta, Hashim Bagabas

Athletic Director: Chris Cronin
Coach: Brahim Dergaa
Coach: Achraf Marzouk
American International School of Riyadh AIS-R
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia    

Mahmoud Radwan, Alyssa Senneff, Carmah Hawwari, Rouqueya Romard, Judy Hammoud, Catherine Maloney, Nora Al Saud, Nadi Hourani, Elena Rose Farah, Rayyan Al Romaih, Yusef Ahmed, Yasmina Charani, Noor Ghajar, Caleb Rogers, Khalil El Hajal, Abdullah Albanyan, Benoit Faure, Arthur Faure, Carlos Collado Munoz, Zahra Said, Mark Senneff, Carolyn Bailey

Coach: Mark Senneff
Coach: Carolyn Bailey
ASI Israel
American School of Israel - ASI

Ruhiyyih Pourshafie, Andrew Maraska, Joseph Marsaka, Rick Renner, Alex Burney, Clair Kiphuth, Aliya Edwards, Roy Ofek, Neha Soman, Jack Renner, Dariman Orazbek, Kyle Shishkin

Coach: Merav Oljenik
Coach: Bart Byrs
American School of Kuwait
American School of Kuwait
Kuwait City, Kuwait    

Yasmin Mackarem, Jana Ali, Alexander Kotow, Alvaro Goitiandia, Omar Kammourieh, Claudio Palumbo, Nadim Helmy, Layal Taha, Nouran El-Beyaly, Sofia El-Zein, Stuart Sutton, Ben Walsh, Malak Shibl, Salma Abdelazim, Layla Hashem, Malak Nawar, Aya Zayoun, Adham Helmy, Giorgio Chaccour, Ibrahim Zayed

Coach: Jeff Kalas
Coach: Camelia Laszlo
Coach: Dianna Pratt
American International School Vienna - AIS
Vienna, Austria    

Daniel Kamp, Marcus Plesner, Victoria Ulm, Marco Fengler, Nathalie Fengler, Dalton Chichester, Tivoli Chichester, Yena Chun, Lily Marlowe, Kyubin Lee

Coach: Mark McVean
Coach: Simone Prindl
Avgoulea Linardatou
Avgoulea Linardatou
Athens, Greece    

Stefanos Kargas, Efi Zafiropoulou, Irene Kanetsi, Ioanna Varela, Savvas Parasidis, Angelos Boplianiotis, Stamatis Roussos, Adrianna Katramadou, Satvros Migiakis, Aspasia Kanellopoulou

Cairo American College
Cairo American College - CAC
Cairo, Egypt    

Emily Drape, Hanna Kobs, Leila Hunwicks, Farida Barakat, Hana Morsi, Dalia Ibrahim, Kenz Bakry, JuEun Park, Eleonora Torossian, Zein Faheem, Adam Ramadan, Youssef El Sharkawy, Omar El Zont, Mehdi Daoud

Coach: Tatiana Petrovna
Coach: Matt Lautenbach
Athens, Greece    

Aggelos Tzevelekas, Achileas Kalkanis, Dimitris Vogiatzis, Christoforos Theofanous, Aggelos Papandreou, George Stefos, Panagiotis Koulourgiotis, Alexandros Belesis, Fillipos Milionis, Konstantinos Kostakos, Konstantinos Sofroniadis, Emmanouil Andreadis, Panagiotis Georgiou, Christos Loupakis, George Koufopoulos, Paris Raptis, Areti Moustaki, Argiri Kobopoulou, Anastasia Stamouli, Melisa Atzouli, Apostoli Nastouli, Danae Giokari, Maria Sivisidi, Dimitra Siropoulou, Despina Petrou, Melina Koubarouli, Eleni Spiropoulou, Konstantina Spiliopoulou, Eleni Stefou, Victoria Ilia, Ioanna Spiropoulou, Viktoria Zofoli

Ellinogermaniki Agogi
Ellinogermaniki Agogi
Athens, Greece    

Ariadni Tasiopoulou, Alexandra Sotiriou, Michaela Papari, Emmanouela Ksenou, Filippos Tasiopoulos, Iraklis Tzokas, Marianna Mindrinou, Panagiota-Spiridoula Koliou, Andriani Kouki, Maria-Christina Panagiotopoulou, Eleni Kodi, Anastasia Tasiopoulou, Konstantinos-Fivos Stamatis, Konstantinos Eglezakis, Christos-Spiridon Koulouris, Stella Zafiri, Dimitris Papadomanolakis, Filippos Taprantzis, George Tzokas, Palios Dimitris, Theodoros Kordic, Thodoris Papadopoulos, Makros Chandras

Frankfurt International School
Frankfurt International School - FIS
Frankfurt, Germany    

Isabelle Schweppe, Micaela Grace, Sara Fulop, Victoria Ehrhardt, Carl Schweppe, Michael Charlifue, Andrew Kneeland, Max Svenson, Max Gloerfelt-Tarp, Vanessa Czerniecki, Emily Bly, Victoria Burgos, Freya Baker, Julian Modrack, Eric Ehrhardt, William Bassett, Nikita Yasko

Coach: Jeff Kalas
Coach: Camelia Laszlo
Coach: Dianna Pratt
Gems Wellington Academy Dubai
Gems Wellington Academy Dubai
Dubai, United Arab Emirates    

Tom Aspden, Shristi Jacob, Kaiya Fitness, Kimaya Arora, Julie Heineke, Christine Heineke, Ela Kubuabola, Manasa Kubuabola, Kiera Wiseman, Omar Abdellattif, Parth Sawant, Aly Maghraby, Karim El Saddik, Mohamed Dwidar, Izzy Casas, Oliver Bracciano, Charlote Bracciano, Paige Muir, Nour Fantoli, Salvador Palacios, Osama Kandil, Marwan Kashkoush, Sam Beaver, Tamar Hagelen, Harrison Gerrish

Coach: Nick Latham
Coach: Louise Fitness
Coach: Kerry Tabb
German School of Athens
German School of Athens
Athens, Greece    

Stamatis Angelis, Dimitris Diamantis, Antonis Chronis, Kostis Nikoloudis , Dimitris Papadimitriou, Eleftheria Oikonomou, Nikos Polychronopoulos, Vassilis Thalassinos, Katerina Tsolaki, Konstantina Manta, Ioanna Papadopoulou, Maria Papatheodorou, Dimitris Mouzakis, Alkaios Vassiliadis

Nea Genia Ziridi
Nea Genia Ziridi
Athens, Greece    

George Apostolakos, Konstantinos Apostolakos, Fotis Apostolidis, Stelios Diakoymakos, Ermis Katsinopoulos, Aristides Elafros Isichos, Achilleas Betsas, Gabriel Fotaras, Panormitis Fotaras, Georgia Pavlopoulou, Marilena Karika, Emmanouela Poupounaki, Maria Kapogianni, Ioanna Efstathiadi, Stellina Chrokopou, Eleni Kokkini, Elena Arvanitaki, Polikseni Kriparakou, Faie Panagaki, Danae Doksa, Penelope Robora, Ioanna Arabatzi, Alexia Rivioy

Universal American School in Dubai
Universal American School in Dubai
Dubai, United Arab Emirates    

Yasmine Anna Rabah, Ameena Hesham Heikal, Hela Sameer, Mohammas Younis, Malak Fareed, Farouk Bilbeisi, Tala Yacoub, Carl Johan, William Vanson, David Borrero Schulle, Jonah Christopher, Julian Bainbridge Anshuman Bhattacharyya, Jio El Wadi, Saud Masoul , Abdulrahman Al Samaraie Farouk Fareed, Farouk Bilbeisi Ahmed Bader Baroudy, Abraham Salem, Hadden Amanda

Coach: Terry Lynn Papov
Coach: Robert Gar Haag
Vienna International School
Vienna International School
Vienna, Austria    

Isobel Terry, Patricia Spalek Garcia, Stephanie Soare, Bianka Peirce, Alissa Fiona Krausz, Rosa Wolff, Livia Pochet Maestroni, Diana Rubaga, Kirill Khalin, Brayden Dalton, Fraser Patrick, Langdon Divett, Marco Rubaga, Daniil Yuzhanin, Florian Neubauer

Coach: Dmitry Khalin
Coach: Oxana Khalina
ACS Athens
ACS Athens - ATH
Athens, Greece    

Loukas Ananiadis, Alexandros Bofilios, Nicolas Di Piazza, Emmanouil Heliou Le Heux, George Panagopoulos, Jason Stavropoulos, George Tarasis, Dieter Teirlinck, Marian Bitsikas, Kayla Heliou Le Heux, Athina Kotrozou, Maria Anna Rifioti, Marsia Staikidi, Sofia Syrma, Jacqueline Kassinaki-Baty, Brett Carlon, Anastasis Makris, Jason Somoglou, Sfinias Pantelis, Alexis Papadimitriou, Michael Chatziantoniou, Nestor Macdonald, Philippos Antonopoulos, Alexandros Drakos, Mario Srouji, Amaryllis Antonopoulou, Marilina Bitsikas, Stella Argentopoulou, Ann-Marie Martinou, Francesca Kouroupos, Nektaria Dourida, Migle Rudauskaite, Reine Yousef, Nina Kalliamvakos, Bryana Webb

Coach: Athanasia Kotsiani
Coach: Dionysis Papadakis

Swimming Cup Program

DAY 1: Friday March 3rd 2017 - Start Time: 10:40
100m Individual Medley - (Junior boys & girls) Heats
50m Freestyle Heats
100m Backstroke Heats
50m Breaststroke Heats
200m Individual Medley - (Varsity boys & girls) Heats
BREAK (10-15 minutes)
200m Freestyle Finals
100m Individual Medley - (Junior boys & girls) Finals
50m Freestyle Finals
BREAK (10-15 minutes)
100m Backstroke Finals
50m Breaststroke Finals
4 x 50m Medley Relay Finals
DAY 2: Saturday March 4th 2017 - Start Time: 10:10
100m Freestyle Heats
50m Backstroke Heats
100m Breaststroke Heats
50m Butterfly Heats
400m Freestyle - (Varsity boys & girls) Finals
BREAK (10-15 minutes)
100m Freestyle Finals
50m Backstroke Finals
100m Breaststroke Finals
50m Butterfly Finals
4 x 50m Freestyle Finals
Since this is a Middle / High School event each event has 4 categories:
  1. Junior boys (Middle School boys: 6th - 8th grade)
  2. Junior girls (Middle School girls: 6th - 8th grade)
  3. Varsity boys (High School boys: 9th - 12th grade)
  4. Varsity girls (High School girls: 9th - 12th grade)

  Enjoy the following photo gallery from the International Swimming Cup or view a slideshow below!


Great Basketball Weekend for our Boys & Girls Varsity Teams, Feb. 2017

ACS Athens Boys Basketball 2017
ACS Athens Girls Basketball 2017

The 5th International Youth Basketball Tournament took place this past weekend with the participation of teams from Italy, Serbia, Great Britain and various regions of Greece.  The competition level was high and we had exciting games throughout the event!

Our Girls and Boys Varsity teams both played in the finals; the girls played against the team ESKANA and the boys against ACS Cobham.

It was an exciting afternoon indeed!

- The Girls game went down to the wire, and they triumphed by one point with the final score 50 - 49 and the spectators enjoying every minute of the game.

- Our Boys team played a tough game against ACS Cobham and there was a great deal of intensity!  The final score was 81 - 73 and the team walked away with the first place trophy!

- In other distinctions: A job well done by Ismini Prapa who was the 3-point contest winner and an all star selection; congratulations to Angelos Makras and Antonis Belexis for receiving All-Star recognition as well.

Congratulations to all the players and the coaches!


International Youth Basketball Tournament & Broadcasts, Feb. 17 - 19, 2017

Int'l Youth Basketball Tournament 2017


In memory of Diana W. Tamari and Hasib J. Sabbagh

Dear Guests:

Dr. Stefanos Gialamas It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the fifth ACS Athens International Youth Basketball Tournament!  This event began five years ago in dedication to the memory of Hasib Sabbagh and Diana Tamari Sabbagh with the idea of bringing together young student athletes from around the world to compete, but most importantly to enjoy the wonderful sport of basketball and good sportsmanship!

At this year’s tournament we will have more than one hundred boys and girls from Italy, Great Britain, Serbia and Greece.  These teams will have the opportunity to exhibit their skills at the highest level for three days.  At the end of the tournament, all the teams will be winners, student-athletes, coaches, parents and spectators.

This tournament will prove once again that the spirit of basketball and good sportsmanship brings together young people from different backgrounds, nationalities, religions and national origins.  I am proud to lead an institution such as ACS Athens, which is devoted to providing its students with a holistic, harmonious and meaningful educational experience.  Through our athletic programs, our young athletes learn to compete with respect, character and ethos, which are the essential elements for developing tomorrow’s global citizens.

I wish all of you a great experience on the court and outside the court.   Enjoy the beautiful city of Athens and visiting some of the ancient sites!

I look forward to seeing you play on the court, guided by “Fair Play” as introduced by the ancient Greeks (Εύ αγωνίζεσθαι).



Stefanos Gialamas, Ph.D

Dear Athletes and Coaches,

Annie Constantinides The International Youth Basketball tournament, in memory of Diana W. Tamari & Hasib J. Sabbagh, is now a tradition at ACS Athens.   In its fifth year, it has proven to be an event that is more than just “sports”!

It is an event that celebrates friendship, sportsmanship, effort and cultural diversity.  While the competition level through the years has reached high levels of performance, the true values of SPORT are manifested throughout those three days of activity.

Young athletes from different cultures come together to compete showing exemplary determination, sportsmanship, camaraderie, effort and persistence in reaching their goal.  SPORT is very powerful in society and through this event we have clearly seen the gains and benefits outside the playing grounds: the international exposure, the development of institutional collaborations, the opportunities for friendships among athletes and coaches, and, last but not least, the exposure to a different city and culture are all invaluable.

I urge everyone involved to make the best possible memories for themselves and for all those involved.  Keep in mind that basketball is just a game... take advantage of everything that is outside the court lines!

Enjoy your tournament – enjoy our city!



Annie Constantinides
Director of Athletics, Summer Camp & Recreational Programs

Live Broadcasts

Live broadcasts of games will be streamed below...

Browse and view videos of finished matches as posted, at the end of this section...

Tournament Teams & Rosters

(Click on team logo to view roster...)


ESKA (Youth Selection Team Attica)
Athens, Greece    

Fillipa Goula, Georgina Triantafyllou, Evi Tarla, Antigoni Mavraki, Helena Andrikopoulou, Angelina Kyridi, Artemis Kouki, Sophia Kastrinaki, Heleni Kapeleri, Olympia Sakellariou, Iliana Radi, Vasiliki Lygnou

Head Coach: Giannis Gereoudakis
Assistant Coach: Zozefina Katra
ESKANA (Youth Selection Team)
Athens, Greece    

Maria Peppa, Elena Mposgana, Elissavet Mpountouri, Athanasia Panteli, Zoi Olympiou, Ornela Moutsa, Christina Anastasopoulou, Athina Tzanetou, Nefeli Evaggelitsi, Georgia Grigoropoulou, Ioanna Chatzileonti, Magdalini Moka, Emilia Routsi, Maria Tziafeta

Head Coach: Kyriakos Arapis
Assistant Coach: Efi Vanou
EKASTH (Youth Selection team Thessaloniki)
Thessaloniki, Greece    

Artemis Athanatou, Athina Lexa, Vasilia Theodosiou, Rafaela Stergaki, Eleni Mpoutsouki, Lamprini Polymeni, Dimitra Gennaiou, Eleni Tzelou, Maria Baxevanidou, Antigoni Theodorou, Panagiota Mpacharidou, Danae Papadopoulou

Head Coach: Christos Gkokakis
Assistant Coach: Marialena Tsimou
ACS Athens
ACS Athens
Athens, Greece    

Ismini Prapa, Georgia Sideri, Nancy Panagiotopoulou, Katerina Farou, Niki Sapalidou, Ioanna Meco, Marie Heder, Barbara Simonetou, Shan Zhou, Hadeel Ghoneim, Nicole Saboya, Sofia Schoenbauer

Head Coach: Angelos Dimitropoulos
Assistant Coach: Justin Cramer


ACS Cobham
ACS Cobham

Connor Dellapina, John-Anthony DiTullio, Patrick DiTullio, Yuto Fujii, Robert Graham, Joshua Jeavons, Marc Sylvest Jensen, Zach Lundgren, Yotam Moravsky, Blake Oliver, Kyle Zinkula

Head Coach: Matt Buck
Assistant Coach: Francois Serin
Odeon Basket
Odeon Basket

Miloš Crnjanski, Luka Lazarević, Nemanja Pavlović, Gligorije Josimov, Blagoje Reba, Uglješa Porobić, Mladen Milić, Nemanja Lojović, Borislav Tošić, Mihajlo Torbica, Miloš Polovina

Head Coach: Nikola Kovačević
Stellazzurra Academy

Matteo Gallo, Luca Corbellini, Giuseppe Cafaro, Damiano Fedeli, Leonardo Rapone, Tommaso Provera, Francesco Gasperini, Federico Pierantoni, Giulio Garofalo, Matteo Di Giovanni, Alessandro Ciotti, David Kazimi

Head Coach: Alessio Iacoangeli
Assistant Coach: Massimiliano D'Alessio
ACS Athens
ACS Athens
Athens, Greece    

Angelos Makras, George Masganas, Konstantinos Rallatos, Nikitas Kefalogiannis, Marios Bourtzonis, Jason Papadopoulos, Yannis Hatzis, Antonis Belexis, Vangelis Tzembelicos, George Soukakos, Stefano Spassof, Dimitris Rigas, Alexandros Proiskos, Stelios Paparizos

Head Coach: Babis Psarakis

Program of Tournament (Girls & Boys)

  Scores Updates: Final scores will be posted here throughout the competition

Friday, February 17




10:00 ACS Athens – Odeon Basket (B) 89 - 72
11:45 ACS Athens – ESKA (G) 60 -43
13:30 Stellazzurra – ACS Cobham (B) 63 - 87
15:15 ESKA – EKSANA (G) 36 - 56
17:00 Odeon Basket –Stellazzurra (B) 66 - 64
18:45 EKASTH – ESKANA (G) 26 - 52

Saturday, February 18




10:00 ACS Athens – Stellazzurra (B) 66 - 48
11:45 ACS Athens – ESKANA (G) 57 - 47
13:30 Odeon Basket – ACS Cobham (B) 50 - 55
15:15 ESKA – EKASTH (G) 51 -45
17:00 ACS Athens – ACS Cobham (B) 68 - 59
18:45 ACS Athens – EKASTH (G) 47 - 43

Sunday, February 19




10:00 Girls FINAL - ACS Athens - ESKANA 50 - 49
11:30 3-point Contest Boys and Girls
12:00 Boys FINAL - ACS Athens - ACS Cobham 81 - 73
13:30 AWARDS

Photo Gallery


Enjoy the photo gallery, here, or view the slideshow below...



Videos of Finished Games

Videos will become available as they are processed...

DAY 1 (Friday)
  • ACS Athens (GR) - Odeon Basket (SRB) (B) (10:00)


  • ACS Athens (GR) - ESKA (GR) (G) (11:45)


  • Stellazzurra (IT) - ACS Cobham (GB) (B) (13:30)


  • ESKA (GR) - ESKANA (GR) (G) (15:15)


  • Odeon Basket (SRB) - Stellazzurra (IT) (B) (17:00)


  • EKASTH (GR) - ESKANA (GR) (G) (18:45)


DAY 2 (Saturday)
  • ACS Athens (GR) - Stellazzurra (GR) (B) (10:00)


  • ACS Athens (GR) - ESKANA (GR) (G) (11:45)


  • Odeon Basket (SRB) - ACS Cobham (GB) (B) (13:30)


  • ESKA (GR) - EKASTH (GR) (G) (15:15)


  • ACS ATHENS (GR) - ACS Cobham (GB) (B) (17:00)


  • ACS ATHENS (GR) - EKASTH (GR) (G) (18:45)



DAY 3 (Sunday)
  • ACS Athens (GR) - ESKANA (GR) (G) Final


  • ACS Athens (GR) - ACS Cobham (GB) (B) Final


  • A W A R D S Ceremony