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Welcome to ACS Athens Athletics!

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ISST Organization

ISST Boys Volleyball @ Dusseldorf

ISST Girls Volleyball @ Frankfurt

ISST Cross Country Championships @ Bonn

ISST Girls Division 3 Soccer @ British School of Brussels


Local Cross Country Meet at Syngrou Park - A Great Race Day!

On Friday, October 12th, the Local Cross Country meet was hosted at Syngrou Park with the participation of 4 schools: Campion, St. Catherines, Byron and ACS Athens.

The course was divided in two categories; the 5K for the varsity runners and the 3K race for the JV athletes.

ACS Athens' effort and enthusiasm brought some great results!

In the boys varsity category Simone Zheng finished in first place, Hussain and Muhammed in second and third place respectively.
Great performance by Constantinos Neamonitis and Thisseas Kambouroglou for finishing in the top 7.

In the girls varsity category Marilia Alafouzou finished in first place, Stella Argentopoulos in second place and Melina Antyra-Dania in third place.

In the JV category, Denzel Webb finished in first place, Vassilis Oreopoulos in second place and Vaios Koutis in third place.

Also, great performance by Eleni Kalliamvakos and Evdoxia Mikropandremenou for finishing in fourth place.

Congratulations to all the athletes and coaches for a great race day!


Great Start for the Varsity Boys Volleyball & Varsity Girls Soccer Teams in the Local Tournaments

The ACS Athens Varsity Boys Volleyball team participated in the annual local tournament at the International School of Athens (ISA). Six teams participated, including ACS Athens, and our boys team was dominant throughout the day. Although there is still work to be done, as they are preparing for their ISST tournament in November, our players showed great desire and improvement throughout the games. ACS Athens played against St. Lawrence in their first game (2-0), St. Catherines in their second game (2-1) and against Campion in the finals (2-0).
Congratulations to all the players and their coaches for their first place - keep up the good work!

A few kilometers away, our Varsity Girls Soccer team competed in their local tournament at Campion School. Our girls had a great start by winning against St. Lawrence (4-0). Their second game was against St. Catherines, which was a tie (0-0) and finished off the tournament with a win against Campion (2-0).
Four weeks left until their ISST tournament - Good job team for a first place finish!


ACS Athens Cross Country team leads the way - Race for the Cure

On Sunday, October 7th, the 10th Greece Race for the Cure took place in Athens, where more than 40,000 people flooded the city to spread an important message; breast cancer awareness and prevention. The ACS Athens Cross Country team was there too, participating in the 5k race! It was a great day full of optimism and enthusiasm and a memorable one for our students and coaches who supported this cause!


Varsity Girls Soccer Tournament

ACS Athens will participate in the local Varsity Girls Soccer Tournament on Tuesday, October 9th, 2018 at Campion. St. Catherine's, St. Lawrence, Campion and ACS Athens will compete against each other for the trophy in an all day event. This Tournament will be good test and a great opportunity for our athletes to play tough games and gain experience for the upcoming ISST. Please find the Tournament schedule below.

Varsity Girls Soccer Tournament schedule

Time Game
10:00 - 10:35 St. Catherine's vs Campion
10:45 - 11:20 ACS Athens vs St. Lawrence
11:30 - 12:05 St. Lawrence vs Campion
12:15 -12:50 St. Catherine's vs ACS Athens
13:00 - 13:35 Campion vs ACS Athens
13:45 – 14:20 St. Lawrence vs St. Catherine's

Good luck to all athletes and coaches!


Varsity Boys Volleyball tournament

ACS Athens

The ACS Athens Varsity Boys Volleyball team will participate in the Varsity Boys Volleyball Tournament that will take place at Zirinio on Tuesday, October 9th. The event will be hosted by ISA and the participating schools are St. Catherine's, Byron, Campion, St. Lawrence, ACS Athens and ISA. This tournament will be a very good experience for our team, as our athletes will have the opportunity to play against experienced teams and prepare themselves for the upcoming ISST competition. Please find the Tournament schedule below.

Varsity Boys Volleyball Tournament schedule

Group A Group B
ACS -SLC 10.15 - 11.15 BYRON - CAMPION
GAME for 3rd & 4th Place 12.45 - 13.45 GAME for 5th & 6th Place
  14:00 - 15:00 FINAL
Game for 3rd & 4th Place - 2nd Group A vs 2nd Group B

Game for 5th & 6th Place - 3rd Group A vs 3rd Group B

FINAL 1st GROUP A vs 1st GROUP B (for 1st-2nd Place)

Good luck to all athletes and coaches!


ACS Athens Sports Banquet 2018 - Highlights

ACS Athens Sports Banquet 2018

ACS Athens Sports Banquet highlights


Spring Sports Season at a glance

See below the Spring Season's accomplishments!


The ACS Athens Varsity Tennis team finishes the Spring season with great success

Varsity Tennis team

Varsity Tennis team
The ACS Athens Varsity Tennis Team participated in the ISST Tournament that took place at Vienna on May 24th - 26th.
The ACS Athens players had an outstanding performance and managed to finish 1st overall among 6 schools.

Our athletes won 1st, 2nd & 3rd place in the following categories:

  • Boys singles (1st & 2nd place)
  • Girls singles 3rd
  • Boys doubles 2nd
  • Girls doubles 1st
  • Mixed (1st & 3rd place)

For the results please click here.

Congratulations to all athletes and coaches!


Junior Varsity Tennis Tournaments, May 11th & 15th

The ACS Athens Junior Varsity Tennis participated in two tournaments on Friday, May 11th & Tuesday, May 15th that took place at Pallini & ACS Athens respectively:

Our athletes improved their skills as a team as well as individually and gained great experience by playing some tough games.

Please see the Tournaments' results below.

At Pallini Tennis

Girls Singles
  • 2nd Place: Anna Kefala (ACS Athens)
Boys Doubles
  • 2nd Place: Thanasis Sitinas - Ioannis Kolovos (ACS Athens)

At ACS Athens

Girls Singles
  • 1st Place: Anna Kefala (ACS Athens)
  • 2nd Place: St. Catherine's
Boys Singles
  • 1st Place: Jiahe Wang (ACS Athens)
  • 2nd Place: Campion
Girls Doubles
  • 1st Place: St. Lawrence
  • 2nd Place: Beligianni Matilda - Lydia Gerontikos (ACS Athens)
Boys Doubles
  • 1st Place: St. Lawrence
  • 2nd Place: Ioannidis Stavros - Koliopoulos Ioannis (ACS Athens)

Congratulations to all athletes and coaches!


The 9th International Coaches Clinic was a great success, May 12-13, 2018

The 9th International Coaches Clinic that took place at ACS Athens, was successfully completed during the weekend of May 12th & 13th. Our guest speakers, coaches Brenda Frese, Ron Sanchez, David Arsenault and the personal trainer Leonidas Christakidis shared their knowledge by demonstrating their own philosophy.

9th International Coaches Clinic 9th International Coaches Clinic 9th International Coaches Clinic 9th International Coaches Clinic

Among with the Greek participating coaches that visited ACS Athens, we had coaches who came from all over Europe and Africa, such as Germany, Egypt, Finland and many more. Moreover, this great event gave the opportunity to our student - athletes as well as to non-ACS Athens basketball players to get involved with the instruction of the coaches and develop their playing skills.

As the 9th International Coaches Clinic was an unforgettable experience for all, we are looking forward to the next one!

Special thanks to our speakers, the athletes and all participating coaches!