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Welcome to ACS Athens Athletics!


Athletics Calendar

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ISST Organization

ISST Boys Volleyball @ Dusseldorf

ISST Girls Volleyball @ Frankfurt

ISST Cross Country Championships @ Bonn

ISST Girls Division 3 Soccer @ British School of Brussels


Swimming Celebration Days - June 6 & 9, 2017 

The After School Swimming Programs celebrated the closing of the season on June 6 & 9.

First, the Early Childhood group took its place in the swimming pool on Tuesday June 6th and our younger swimmers showed everyone their worth!

The second group of Intermediate, Advanced and Super Advanced swimmers celebrated on Friday June 9th.

In both days athletes showed their skills and were awarded with medals.

The celebration could not be complete without snacks and soft drinks which were offered to all athletes.

We hope to see most of you next year!   Enjoy your summer!

  Enjoy this photo gallery from the Swimming Celebration; or, visit us in flickr.


"Best fit" College Placement for Student-Athletes..., Article ISJ, June 2017

Athletes CelebrationFrom the 2017 Sports Banquet and Athletes Celebration

International students and student-athletes specifically, are looking for the "best fit" university/college that meets their needs.

Ms. Annie Constantinides, Director of Athletics, Summer Camp & Recreational Programs at ACS Athens, published this article on International Schools Journal (ISJ), April 2017, titled "Best fit" College Placement for Student-Athletes: A Comprehensive Model for International Schools.

The article elaborates on the key points and strategy developed by ACS Athens so that it could offer a "best fit" choice of college to its student-athletes.   Many departments had to collaborate towards that goal, along with professional advice from experts in athletics, colleges, governing bodies, etc.

See the article in its entirety below...


Annual Sports Banquet Marks End of Athletics Year, June 6, 2017

Scholar Athlete and Athletes of the Year with Dr. Julie Crain and Dr. Stefanos Gialamas

On June 1st, the annual Sports Banquet took place at the Theater at ACS Athens; it was a great evening, celebrating the participation and accomplishments of our student athletes.   Approximately 200 athletes, representing 19 teams, and more than 150 parents / guests / staff members came together for what turned out to be a memorable evening.

Paralympic Champion, Che Jon Fernandez, was our guest speaker giving an inspiring - moving speech that will be remembered by all.   All the athletes received their participation certificates and pins while special team awards were presented to a number of athletes.

  • Scholar Athletes of the Year were Nicole Saboya and Takao Yatagai, and
  • Athletes of the Year were Maria Rifiotis and Angelos Makras

Congratulations to all the athletes and their coaches!

  See extensive photo gallery from the evening of the celebration...


Sports Banquet & Athlete Celebration on June 1, 2017

Sports Banquet - 2016

It is the time of the Annual ACS Athens Sports Banquet honoring the accomplishments and successes of our student athletes.  It is a celebration and an opportunity to applaud them as they receive their letters, pins, certificates and special awards.

The Sports Banquet will truly showcase the uniqueness of our school.   It will be a special night for all!  We look forward to having as many proud parents as possible as well as all the athletes!

Expect guest speakers and many other surprises...

Following the awards ceremony in the theater, parents - athletes - guests will have the opportunity to "mingle" while enjoying a variety of food and drinks provided by a catering service.

Date & Time :

  • Thursday, June 1st 2017 at 19:00

Venue :

  • The Theater at ACS Athens, the Lobby and outdoor area

RSVP Deadline & Reservations :

  • Please use this form for reservations, seat designations and payment by Monday, May 29 and at the Cashier's office.

As usual, the athletes' admission price will be lower than that of the parents / guests due to the fundraising efforts during sports events throughout the year.

Many thanks to the parents for supporting our student athletes!

(Please note that the dress for the evening is semi-formal)


Varsity ISST Season Ends Successfully at ISST Tennis, May 2017

Varsity Tennis

ACS Athens hosted the ISST Div. 2 Tennis Championships at the Marathon Tennis club and it marked the end of the Varsity Tennis season!  Our student-athletes competed against player from Brussels, London, Cairo, and the Hague and great tennis matches were played!

 Congratulations to the Boys team for capturing 1st place and for both the Boys and Girls teams who finished in 2nd place!

A job well done by:

  • Nikolas Mintas for earning 2nd place in the Boys Singles category, and
  • Stefanos Vrettos for earning 3rd place in the Boys Singles category
  • George Vrettos with Ilia Sharp finished in 3rd place in the Boys Doubles category
  • Spiros Koliopoulos and Yioli Stylianou finished 2nd in the Mixed Doubles category, and the other pair,
  • Lazos Efraimoglou and Ioanna Papatrifon finished in 3rd place

Great job by all the athletes and coaches!

Enjoy this photo gallery from all three days of the competition...

Great Performances at SCIS Track & Field Tournaments, May 2017 

MS Track and Field team 2017
HS Track and Field team 2017

The ACS Athens Track & Field teams of Middle School and High School traveled to Frankfurt (Germany) and Zug (Switzerland), respectively, where they competed with great success at the SCIS Tournaments.

The tournaments which took place on May 12-13 gave our athletes the opportunity to gain great experience and to increase their abilities in track & field events.   We are proud of our athletes’ achievements!

ACS Athens Athletes' Rankings

Middle School SCIS at Frankfurt
100m Soulanticas Emma 1st place - 13.57 SR
200m Soulanticas Emma 1st place - 28.54 SR
400m Bourtzoni Christina 2nd place - 66.58 SR
1500m Mikropandremenou Evdoxia 3rd place - 5:46.07 SR
3000m Mikropandremenou Evdoxia 3rd place - 13:12:09 SR
100mH Dally Maggie 3rd place - 19.04 SR
High Jump Metcalf Lexie 1st place - 1.40m
Long Jump Myridi Ariadne 3rd place - 4.38m
4 x 100m Webb Bryana, Papatzanaki Danae, Metcalf Lexie, Soulanticas Emma 1st place - 54.60 SR
4 x 400m Bourtzoni Christina, Dally Magie, Metcalf Lexie, Ghoneim Raneem 1st place - 4.34.39 SR, SCIS Record
400m Makarigakis Max 2nd place - 57.32 SR
800m Zhang Simone 1st place - 2.15.14 SR
1500m Zhang Simone 1st place - 4.46.30 SR
100mH Walker Elijah 3rd place - 18.34 SR
High Jump Walker Elijah 2nd place - 1.52m
Long Throw Walker Elijah 1st place - 5.29m
Discus Throw Walker Elijah 1st place - 28.05m
4 x 100m Papaioanou Chris, Neomonitis Constantinos, Rudauskas Rimantas, Somoglou Jason 2nd place - 50.52 SR
4 x 400m Webb Danzel, Zhang Simon, Makarigakis Max, Barbouris Constantinos 3rd place - 4.12.12 SR
Shot Put Pandelis Sfinias 3rd place - 9.78m
High Jump Papaioannou Chris 1st place - 1.55m

Overall 2nd place.  &   Boys 1st overall and Girls 2nd overall.

High School SCIS at Zug
800m Philippe Veldkamp 3rd place
1500m Philippe Veldkamp 3rd place
3000m Philippe Veldkamp 3rd place
Shot Put Niki Sapalidou 2nd place
Discus Konstantinos Tiritas 2nd place
Triple Jump Marie Heder 2nd place

ACS Athens also won the Sportsmanship award.

Enjoy this photo gallery from both SCIS tournaments, or view the slideshow below..

Junior Varsity Tennis Tournaments - May 10 & 12, 2017

The ACS Athens Junior Varsity Tennis team took part in two tournaments in May of 2017:

  • May 12 - JV Tournament hosted at ACS Athens
  • May 10 - "Under 16" hosted at Pallini

The athletes gained great experience through many single and double games and increased their abilities in team work and individual playing.

We are proud of our athletes’ achievements as they performed formidably.  See below for results of both tournaments.

At ACS Athens Tennis

Girls Singles

  • 1st Place: Anna Kefala (ACS Athens)
  • 2nd Place: Melina Opperer (ACS Athens)

Boys Singles

  • 1st Place: Mark Kneiss (St. Catherine's)
  • 2nd Place: Stefanos Quarta (St. Catherine's)

Girls Doubles

  • 1st Place: Denise Karvouni - Felicia Koumetti (ACS Athens)
  • 2nd Place: Villy Artinou – Emily Miliou (Campion)

Boys Doubles

  • 1st Place: Stavros Mastrogamvrakis – Filippos Psomas (St. Catherine's)
  • 2nd Place: Sergio Pinedo – Nikolas Tsangarakis (Campion)

At Pallini Tennis

Girls Singles

  • 2nd Place: Anna Kefala (ACS Athens)

Boys Singles

  • 3rd Place: Mark Furda (ACS Athens)
Enjoy this photo gallery from both Tennis tournaments, or the slideshow below..

Our Track & Field teams are off to the SCIS Championships - May 2017

ACS Athens Middle School Track and Field
ACS Athens High School Track and Field

Our High School & Middle School Track & Field teams are on their way to Zug, Switzerland and Frankfurt, Germany respectively, to participate in their final competition of the season at the SCIS Championships!

Our High School traveling team consists of:

Maritina Naoum, Barbara Simonetou, Vasiliki Mamidaki-Venetopoulou, Marsia Staikidi, Stella Tsamaz, Ilektra Wasila, Niki Sapalidou, Georgia Sideri, Calliopi Heliou Le Heux, Marie Heder

Alexandros Bofilios, Konstantinos Tiritas, Pavlos Karampoulas, Konstantinos Papadacos, Zhongyi Hu, Owen Weng, Chengjie Qiu, Philippe Veldkamp, Theodore Soulanticas

Coaches: Efi Karatopouzi, Angelos Dimitropoulos

Our Middle School traveling team consists of:

Christina Bourtzonis, Maggie Daly, Raneem Ghoneim, Lexi Metcalf, Evdoxia Mikropandremenou, Ariadni Myridi, Danae Papatzanakis, Emma Soulanticas, Bryana Webb, Ziyue Zhang

Constantinos Barmpouris, Maximilian Makarigakis, Constandinos Neamonitis, Chris Papaioannou, Rimantas Rudauskas, Pandelis Sfinias, Jason Somoglou, Elijah Walker, Denzel Webb, Simone Zheng

Coaches: Vassilis Mikros, Alexandra Komnou

Best of Luck to both teams!!


ISST Div. 2 Tennis Tournament, May 21 - 24, 2017

ISST Div. 2 Tennis Championships

ISST Statement of Sportsmanship

The purpose of the International Schools Sports Tournament is to provide a venue for athletes from the member schools to compete in an environment that is safe, challenging, professional and educational.  Each athlete is given the opportunity to demonstrate her/his best athletic ability while maintaining a spirit of respect and cooperation with fellow athletes from various international backgrounds.

Each event involves students and adults in their different roles as athletes, coaches, sports officials and spectators.  All those involved in the event are expected to uphold the same spirit of respect and cooperation.  This spirit is demonstrated by fair play among athletes, positive encouragement from coaches, impartial judgments from officials and respectful enthusiasm from spectators.  The behavior of the adults is crucial to the successful educational aspect of the tournament.

Adults act as models for our athletes.  Therefore profanity, deliberately making noises that distract and interfere with the performance of a competing athlete, the condemnation of coaches or officials, or any behavior that is disrespectful or degrading to the ISST standard of sportsmanship, jeopardizes the purposes of the ISST organization and, most of all, jeopardizes the quality of the experience for the athletes.

As the event ensues, we ask that all of our parents, coaches, officials and athletes keep this vision of our purpose in mind.

ISST Regulations for Students

These regulations shall be followed by all students participating in tournaments and other athletic events organized by the International Schools Sports Tournament (ISST) Any student who participates in an ISST event agrees, by signing below, to obey the regulations.

  1. Students shall obey all instructions given them by their host parents and their coaches as if these instructions were given to them by their own parents. This applies to all activities irrespective of location undertaken during the period of the tournament or competition.
  2. Smoking, any other use of tobacco, the drinking of alcohol and the use of drugs are not permitted.
  3. Housing arrangements made by the responsible official of the host school may not be changed.
  4. Students must be in the home of the host parent by the curfew hour set by the school. Students in Grade 7 & 8 or Year 8 & 9 are not allowed out of the host's care unless chaperoned by the host parent and/or the coach. (This applies for all the days of the visit).
  5. Neither host families nor students may negotiate changes to the ISST Regulations for Students with respect to curfew, housing arrangements, the use of tobacco, alcohol or drugs or any other rules or provisions set forth by the host school.
  6. These regulations apply to all students: both those from the host school and those visiting throughout the competition's duration and, for visiting students, apply also during the journey to and from the site of the event.
  7. Violation of these regulations will be reported to the responsible ISST Official and to the student's Head Teacher. The offending student will be removed from the tournament and from the host family home, and will either be placed under the direct supervision of his/her coach or sent home.

Dear ISST Tennis Athletes, Coaches and Guests:

Dr. Stefanos Gialamas Once again, I would like to welcome you to ACS Athens and the ISST Division 2 Tennis Tournament that is scheduled to take place at the Marathon Tennis Center.  We are very happy to be hosting this tennis event and having all of you participate at the historic site of Marathon, the unique city that has given its name to an Olympic sport.

You are all here as representatives of your school, prepared to enter into healthy competition between the participating teams.   You have worked hard to prepare yourself for this competition.   Good luck to everyone!   We hope that you will enjoy your stay in Athens, and that you will leave with fond memories from this tournament!



Stefanos Gialamas, Ph.D

Dear Athletes and Coaches,

Annie Constantinides The Athletic Department of ACS Athens is excited to host the Division 2 ISST Tennis Championships.  We welcome you all to the city of Athens and the Marathon Tennis Center; a beautiful facility where all the players, coaches and guests will enjoy the game of tennis and hopefully the great weather!   Although you are here for a short period of time, we hope that you will a nice cultural experience as well.

Remember, you are all here to compete under good sportsmanship rules with respect towards your teammates, opponents, coaches and the community members.  We hope that you will consider this tournament a positive one for you; enjoy your stay.

Best of luck to all!!



Annie Constantinides
Director of Athletics, Summer Camp & Recreational Programs

Dates & Venue

  • Arrivals / Departures: May 21 / 24 & 25
  • Competition: May 22 - 24
  • Marathon Country Club - for map to venue please see at the end of this section

Tournament Teams & Rosters

This year we are very happy to have the following 6 teams from 5 different countries competing at the Championship:

  • American School of the Hague (Netherlands) — ASH
  • Cairo American College (Egypt) — CAC
  • International School of Brussels (Belgium) — ISB
  • TASIS (U.K.) — TAS
  • St. John’s International School (Belgium) — STJ
  • ACS Athens (Greece) — ATH

(Click on team logo to view roster...)

American School of the Hague
American School of the Hague
Hague, Netherlands  ASH   
Boys Grade Country
Galeazzi, Gianluca 11ITALY
Monti, Emil 11 SWEDEN
Torres, Andres 9 SPAIN/VENEZUELA
Torres, Sergio 9 SPAIN/VENEZUELA
Kasanpawiro, Gianni 12 NETHERLANDS
Wetselaar, Jonas 9 NETHERLANDS
Vlasseman, Thomas 9 BELGIUM/USA
Girls Grade Country
Flores, Julia 10 SPAIN
Arvidsson, Camilla 12 SWEDEN/BRAZIL
Petersson, Anna 12 SWEDEN
Bauer, Marlene 11 AUSTRIA
Orban, Szonja 9 HUNGARY
Kalkman, Franziska 10 NETHERLANDS
Hahn, Yosephine 10 GERMANY/RUSSIA
Sen, Asmi 8 INDIA
Coach: Simón Caycedo, Eric Wong, Thomas Harrington
Cairo American College
Cairo American College
Cairo, Egypt   CAC   
Boys Grade Country
Abo Aiad, Mohamed 10 EGYPT
Kavtaradze, Sergi 9 GEORGIA
Kwack, Dong Won 9 KOREA
Farid, Hussein 10 EGYPT
Saba, Tamer 10 EGYPT
Wong, Quinn-Wai 10 MALAYSIA
Ghazi, Saifallah 11 EGYPT
Abou Ghaly, Maher 11 EGYPT
Girls Grade Country
Fraser, Macy9 USA
Ghazi, Hana 9 EGYPT
Fahmy, Nadine10 EGYPT
Galal, Farida 10 EGYPT
Moharram, Yasmeen 11 USA
Hassan, Nadia 10 EGYPT
Kheireldin, Salma 11 EGYPT
Lewis, Sarah 11 USA
Coach: Sarah Harman, Hassan Bassel
International School of Brussels
International School of Brussels
Brussels, Belgium   ISB   
Boys Grade Country
Fitzgerald, Peter 11 USA
Sandrup Selvik, Felix11 NORWAY
Stenmo, Theodor 9 SWEDEN
Della Faille, Victor 10 BELGIUM
Francois-Poncet, Arthur 12 BELGIUM
Ryelandt, William9 BELGIUM
Takeuchi, Yuki 11 JAPAN
Luciat-Labry, Come9 CANADA
Girls Grade Country
Lauren Josi, Anouchka 12 BELGIUM
Shchukina, Julia 9 RUSSIA
Luciat-Labry, Brune 10 CANADA
God, Emilie 11 NETHERLANDS
Skeppner, Sanna 11 BELGIUM
Macdonald, Audrey 11 USA
L’Hostis, Hortense 12 FRANCE
Nazi, Lia10 LEBANON
Coach: Bernard Deconinck, Brenden Schussler, Kevin Horst
London, U.K.   TAS   
Boys Grade Country
Bhatnagar, Anirudh 12 INDIA
Broeker, Luis 9 GERMANY
Lidback, Andrew 11 USA
Lu, Hsueh-Yao 12 TAIWAN
Patel, Satyen 10 USA
Patel, Shrayen 10 USA
Saccone Maxwell, Marco 1 ITALY
Saxena, Anav 12 USA
Girls Grade Country
Abitbol Licer, Daniela 10 SPAIN
Amano, Mai 12 JAPAN
Collins, Jade 12 IRELAND
Garrido Bult, Alexia 11 NETHERLANDS
Hayes, Alexandra 11 USA
Larsson, Daniella 9 SWEDEN
Misan, Sofia 11 ITALY/BRAZIL
Phipps, Monika 10 USA
Coach: Craig Thompson, Jack Hurst
St. Johns International School
St. John’s International School
Brussels, Belgium   STJ    
Boys Grade Country
Mueller, Jakob11 BELGIUM
Dresbach, Sebastien11 BELGIUM
Bae, Huynjun8 REP. OF KOREA
Keitelman, Adrien9 BELGIUM
Johnson, Brooks 8 USA
Gilliot, Benjamin 11 BELGIUM
Michalec, Max 9 USA
De Romré de Vichenet, Ernest 8 BELGIUM
Girls Grade Country
Cheriha, Salome 10 BELGIUM
Wuyts, Valentine 9 BELGIUM
Roche, Alexandra 11 USA
Linder, Moa 10 SWEDEN
Morris, Eva 11 BELGIUM
Liska, Sophie 8 USA
Reyes, Mariana 9 MEXICO
Ferrari, Vittoria 8 ITALY
Coach: Lisa Loft, Steve Loft
ACS Athens
ACS Athens
Athens, Greece   ATH   
Boys Grade Country
Vrettos, George 11 GREECE
Vrettos, Stefanos 11 GREECE
Sharp, Ilia 11 GREECE/USA
Yatagai, Takao 11 JAPAN
Effraimoglou Botasis, Lazos 9 GREECE
Koliopoulos, Spyros 9 GREECE
Mintas, Nicholas 10 GREECE
Girls Grade Country
Iliakopoulou, Athena 12 GREECE/USA
Lorge, Abaigeal 8 FRANCE
Gkaris, Varvara 11 GREECE
Saboya, Nicole 11 BRAZIL
Stylianou, Yioli 10 GREECE
Papatrifon, Ioanna 10 GREECE/USA
Young, Rotem 9 ISRAEL
Naoum, Nefeli 9 GREECE/USA
Coach: Igor Schoenefeld and Chris Kourtis

Tournament Program

The detailed program below includes guidelines, regulations, team rosters, schedule, and much more...

Master Draws & Results

(Master Draws below will be regularly updated with the results!)


ADDRESS: 31 SLIMAN, MARATHON 19007 | Σλήμαν 31, Άγιος Παντελεήμων, Μαραθώνας, 19007

See map to Marathon Country Club, or...

See live google map.


Successful International Track & Field Competition For Our Teams

Middle School Celebration
ACS Athens Track and Field

The ACS Athens Middle School and High School Track & Field teams participated in the International Competition co-hosted with Campion School, on April 27-28, 2017.  It was a great event with the participation of 10 schools (local and international):

  • Amman Baccalaureate School
  • ACS Tunis
  • Vienna International School
  • Pierce College
  • German School of Athens
  • Ellinogermaniki Agogi
  • CGS
  • St. Catherine's
  • Campion, and
  • ACS Athens

Great competition among all the athletes:

Our Middle school team finished 1st with 8 gold, 6 silver and 3 bronze medals.

Our High School team also finished 1st with 6 gold, 4 silver and 8 bronze medals.

Great effort by all the athletes!   Good job!