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Great Basketball Weekend for our Boys & Girls Varsity Teams, Feb. 2017

ACS Athens Boys Basketball 2017
ACS Athens Girls Basketball 2017

The 5th International Youth Basketball Tournament took place this past weekend with the participation of teams from Italy, Serbia, Great Britain and various regions of Greece.  The competition level was high and we had exciting games throughout the event!

Our Girls and Boys Varsity teams both played in the finals; the girls played against the team ESKANA and the boys against ACS Cobham.

It was an exciting afternoon indeed!

- The Girls game went down to the wire, and they triumphed by one point with the final score 50 - 49 and the spectators enjoying every minute of the game.

- Our Boys team played a tough game against ACS Cobham and there was a great deal of intensity!  The final score was 81 - 73 and the team walked away with the first place trophy!

- In other distinctions: A job well done by Ismini Prapa who was the 3-point contest winner and an all star selection; congratulations to Angelos Makras and Antonis Belexis for receiving All-Star recognition as well.

Congratulations to all the players and the coaches!


International Youth Basketball Tournament & Broadcasts, Feb. 17 - 19, 2017

Int'l Youth Basketball Tournament 2017


In memory of Diana W. Tamari and Hasib J. Sabbagh

Dear Guests:

Dr. Stefanos Gialamas It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the fifth ACS Athens International Youth Basketball Tournament!  This event began five years ago in dedication to the memory of Hasib Sabbagh and Diana Tamari Sabbagh with the idea of bringing together young student athletes from around the world to compete, but most importantly to enjoy the wonderful sport of basketball and good sportsmanship!

At this year’s tournament we will have more than one hundred boys and girls from Italy, Great Britain, Serbia and Greece.  These teams will have the opportunity to exhibit their skills at the highest level for three days.  At the end of the tournament, all the teams will be winners, student-athletes, coaches, parents and spectators.

This tournament will prove once again that the spirit of basketball and good sportsmanship brings together young people from different backgrounds, nationalities, religions and national origins.  I am proud to lead an institution such as ACS Athens, which is devoted to providing its students with a holistic, harmonious and meaningful educational experience.  Through our athletic programs, our young athletes learn to compete with respect, character and ethos, which are the essential elements for developing tomorrow’s global citizens.

I wish all of you a great experience on the court and outside the court.   Enjoy the beautiful city of Athens and visiting some of the ancient sites!

I look forward to seeing you play on the court, guided by “Fair Play” as introduced by the ancient Greeks (Εύ αγωνίζεσθαι).



Stefanos Gialamas, Ph.D

Dear Athletes and Coaches,

Annie Constantinides The International Youth Basketball tournament, in memory of Diana W. Tamari & Hasib J. Sabbagh, is now a tradition at ACS Athens.   In its fifth year, it has proven to be an event that is more than just “sports”!

It is an event that celebrates friendship, sportsmanship, effort and cultural diversity.  While the competition level through the years has reached high levels of performance, the true values of SPORT are manifested throughout those three days of activity.

Young athletes from different cultures come together to compete showing exemplary determination, sportsmanship, camaraderie, effort and persistence in reaching their goal.  SPORT is very powerful in society and through this event we have clearly seen the gains and benefits outside the playing grounds: the international exposure, the development of institutional collaborations, the opportunities for friendships among athletes and coaches, and, last but not least, the exposure to a different city and culture are all invaluable.

I urge everyone involved to make the best possible memories for themselves and for all those involved.  Keep in mind that basketball is just a game... take advantage of everything that is outside the court lines!

Enjoy your tournament – enjoy our city!



Annie Constantinides
Director of Athletics, Summer Camp & Recreational Programs

Live Broadcasts

Live broadcasts of games will be streamed below...

Browse and view videos of finished matches as posted, at the end of this section...

Tournament Teams & Rosters

(Click on team logo to view roster...)


ESKA (Youth Selection Team Attica)
Athens, Greece    

Fillipa Goula, Georgina Triantafyllou, Evi Tarla, Antigoni Mavraki, Helena Andrikopoulou, Angelina Kyridi, Artemis Kouki, Sophia Kastrinaki, Heleni Kapeleri, Olympia Sakellariou, Iliana Radi, Vasiliki Lygnou

Head Coach: Giannis Gereoudakis
Assistant Coach: Zozefina Katra
ESKANA (Youth Selection Team)
Athens, Greece    

Maria Peppa, Elena Mposgana, Elissavet Mpountouri, Athanasia Panteli, Zoi Olympiou, Ornela Moutsa, Christina Anastasopoulou, Athina Tzanetou, Nefeli Evaggelitsi, Georgia Grigoropoulou, Ioanna Chatzileonti, Magdalini Moka, Emilia Routsi, Maria Tziafeta

Head Coach: Kyriakos Arapis
Assistant Coach: Efi Vanou
EKASTH (Youth Selection team Thessaloniki)
Thessaloniki, Greece    

Artemis Athanatou, Athina Lexa, Vasilia Theodosiou, Rafaela Stergaki, Eleni Mpoutsouki, Lamprini Polymeni, Dimitra Gennaiou, Eleni Tzelou, Maria Baxevanidou, Antigoni Theodorou, Panagiota Mpacharidou, Danae Papadopoulou

Head Coach: Christos Gkokakis
Assistant Coach: Marialena Tsimou
ACS Athens
ACS Athens
Athens, Greece    

Ismini Prapa, Georgia Sideri, Nancy Panagiotopoulou, Katerina Farou, Niki Sapalidou, Ioanna Meco, Marie Heder, Barbara Simonetou, Shan Zhou, Hadeel Ghoneim, Nicole Saboya, Sofia Schoenbauer

Head Coach: Angelos Dimitropoulos
Assistant Coach: Justin Cramer


ACS Cobham
ACS Cobham

Connor Dellapina, John-Anthony DiTullio, Patrick DiTullio, Yuto Fujii, Robert Graham, Joshua Jeavons, Marc Sylvest Jensen, Zach Lundgren, Yotam Moravsky, Blake Oliver, Kyle Zinkula

Head Coach: Matt Buck
Assistant Coach: Francois Serin
Odeon Basket
Odeon Basket

Miloš Crnjanski, Luka Lazarević, Nemanja Pavlović, Gligorije Josimov, Blagoje Reba, Uglješa Porobić, Mladen Milić, Nemanja Lojović, Borislav Tošić, Mihajlo Torbica, Miloš Polovina

Head Coach: Nikola Kovačević
Stellazzurra Academy

Matteo Gallo, Luca Corbellini, Giuseppe Cafaro, Damiano Fedeli, Leonardo Rapone, Tommaso Provera, Francesco Gasperini, Federico Pierantoni, Giulio Garofalo, Matteo Di Giovanni, Alessandro Ciotti, David Kazimi

Head Coach: Alessio Iacoangeli
Assistant Coach: Massimiliano D'Alessio
ACS Athens
ACS Athens
Athens, Greece    

Angelos Makras, George Masganas, Konstantinos Rallatos, Nikitas Kefalogiannis, Marios Bourtzonis, Jason Papadopoulos, Yannis Hatzis, Antonis Belexis, Vangelis Tzembelicos, George Soukakos, Stefano Spassof, Dimitris Rigas, Alexandros Proiskos, Stelios Paparizos

Head Coach: Babis Psarakis

Program of Tournament (Girls & Boys)

  Scores Updates: Final scores will be posted here throughout the competition

Friday, February 17




10:00 ACS Athens – Odeon Basket (B) 89 - 72
11:45 ACS Athens – ESKA (G) 60 -43
13:30 Stellazzurra – ACS Cobham (B) 63 - 87
15:15 ESKA – EKSANA (G) 36 - 56
17:00 Odeon Basket –Stellazzurra (B) 66 - 64
18:45 EKASTH – ESKANA (G) 26 - 52

Saturday, February 18




10:00 ACS Athens – Stellazzurra (B) 66 - 48
11:45 ACS Athens – ESKANA (G) 57 - 47
13:30 Odeon Basket – ACS Cobham (B) 50 - 55
15:15 ESKA – EKASTH (G) 51 -45
17:00 ACS Athens – ACS Cobham (B) 68 - 59
18:45 ACS Athens – EKASTH (G) 47 - 43

Sunday, February 19




10:00 Girls FINAL - ACS Athens - ESKANA 50 - 49
11:30 3-point Contest Boys and Girls
12:00 Boys FINAL - ACS Athens - ACS Cobham 81 - 73
13:30 AWARDS

Videos of Finished Games

Videos will become available as they are processed...

DAY 1 (Friday)
  • ACS Athens (GR) - Odeon Basket (SRB) (B) (10:00)


  • ACS Athens (GR) - ESKA (GR) (G) (11:45)


  • Stellazzurra (IT) - ACS Cobham (GB) (B) (13:30)


  • ESKA (GR) - ESKANA (GR) (G) (15:15)


  • Odeon Basket (SRB) - Stellazzurra (IT) (B) (17:00)


  • EKASTH (GR) - ESKANA (GR) (G) (18:45)


DAY 2 (Saturday)
  • ACS Athens (GR) - Stellazzurra (GR) (B) (10:00)


  • ACS Athens (GR) - ESKANA (GR) (G) (11:45)


  • Odeon Basket (SRB) - ACS Cobham (GB) (B) (13:30)



DAY 3 (Sunday)

High School Swimming Team Receives Sportsmanship Award in SCIS Championships in Warsaw, Feb. 2017

HS Swimming at SCIS, Warsaw
HS Swimming at SCIS, Warsaw
HS Swimming at SCIS, Warsaw

The ACS Athens Boys and Girls High School Swimming teams competed this past weekend (Feb. 10-11, 2017) in Warsaw in the SCIS Championships with nine schools participating.   It was a great competition for our swimmers and we had:

  • 23 Appearances in event finals
  • 4 Gold medals
  • 6 Silver medals
  • 5 Bronze medals
  • Broke 2 SCIS event records
  • ALL of our swimmers had personal best times in their events!

In a competition of 9 schools,

  • Our Boys finished in 2nd place, and
  • Our Girls finished in 4th place.   Additionally and importantly,
  • The ACS Athens team received the Sportsmanship Award
as voted by the coaches and athletes of other schools in the competition - a great honor for any team!
You may view this document for all detailed results...

Congratulations to our medal winners:

George Panagopoulos (new SCIS record for two events), Nicola Di Piazza, Athena Kotrozou, Marcia Staikidi, Kayle Heliou Le Heux, Sofia Syrma, Jason Stavropoulos, Emmanouil Heliou Le Heux, George Tarasis.

A job well done by Dieter Tierlinck and Maria Rifioti for contributing to the total team scores and for improving on their event times.

   Enjoy this photo gallery from the SCIS Swimming Championships, Warsaw!

Congratulations swimmers and coach!


SCIS Middle School Swimming Championships successful for ACS Athens, Feb. 6, 2017

Congratulations to the Middle School Boys and Girls Swimming team for their performance in the past two days during the SCIS Championship: Great competition among ten schools!

Our boys clinched first place; the girls finished sixth and our team with their overall score finished in third place!

We had outstanding performances from a number of swimmers; congratulations to:

  • Anastasis Makris: 3rd in 200m freestyle, 2nd in 50m breast stroke, 1st in 100m breast stroke
  • Stella Argentopoulos: 3rd in 200m freestyle
  • Nestor McDonald: 1st in 50m and 100m backstroke
  • Francesca Kouroupos: 2nd in 50m breast stroke and 3rd in 100m breast stroke
  • Michael Chatziantoniou: 2nd in 50m Butterfly, also,
  • Boys team placed 1st in the 200m medley relay and 2nd in the 200m freestyle relay

CONGRATULATIONS to ALL the athletes and their coach!

Enjoy photos from the SCIS Swimming Championships in this gallery or view a selection at the slideshow below...


Middle School SCIS Swimming Cup, February 3-4, 2017

Middle School SCIS Swimming Cup 2017

ACS Athens is proud to host this year's Middle School SCIS Swimming Championships taking place at the ACS Athens pool on Friday, February 3rd and Saturday, February 4th 2017.

The event, is the first major tournament for the swimming season and we are very happy to organize the Swimming Championships with ten international schools!

Live Results

Follow the competition via live results, here...


Participating Schools

10 schools and well over a 100 of Middle School Swimmers will join us for an exciting competition...

American International School of Budapest
American International School of Budapest, Hungary - BUD
American International School of Vienna
American International School of Vienna, Austria - AIS
Frankfurt International School
Frankfurt International School, Germany - FIS
American School of Warsaw
American School of Warsaw, Poland - ASW
Zurich International School
Zurich International School, Switzerland - ZIS
International School of Zug and Luzern
International School of Zug & Luzern, Switzerland - ISZ
Inter Community School of Zurich
Inter Community School of Zurich, Switzerland - ICS
Munich International School
Munich International School, Germany - MIS
International School of Basel
International School of Basel, Switzerland - ISB
ACS Athens
ACS Athens, Greece - ATH



Good Luck to our athletes:

Brett Carlon (7), Anastasis Makris (8), Pandelis Sfinias (8), Alexis Papadimitriou (8), Michael Chatziantoniou (8), Nestor Macdonald (8), Marilina Bitsikas (8), Stella Argentopoulou (8), Ann-Marie Martinou (7), Francesca Kouroupos (7), Nektaria Dourida (7), Reine Yousef (7)

Competition Schedule

DAY 1: Friday February 3rd 2017 - Start Time: 11:00
200m Freestyle (Boys) Heats
200m Freestyle (Girls) Heats
50m Freestyle (Boys) Heats
50m Freestyle (Girls) Heats
100m Backstroke (Boys) Heats
100m Backstroke (Girls) Heats
50m Breaststroke (Boys) Heats
50m Breaststroke (Girls) Heats
BREAK (10-15 minutes)
100m Individual Medley (Boys) Timed Finals
100m Individual Medley (Girls) Timed Finals
200m Freestyle (Boys) Finals
200m Freestyle (Girls) Finals
50m Freestyle (Boys) Finals
50m Freestyle (Girls) Finals
100m Backstroke (Boys) Finals
100m Backstroke (Girls) Finals
50m Breaststroke (Boys) Finals
50m Breaststroke (Girls) Finals
BREAK (10-15 minutes)
200m Medley Relay (Boys) Timed Finals
200m Medley Relay (Girls) Timed Finals
DAY 2: Saturday February 4th 2017 - Start Time: 10:45
100m Freestyle (Girls) Heats
100m Freestyle (Boys) Heats
50m Butterfly (Girls) Heats
50m Butterfly (Boys) Heats
100m Breaststroke (Girls) Heats
100m Breaststroke (Boys) Heats
50m Backstroke (Girls) Heats
50m Backstroke (Boys) Heats
BREAK (10-15 minutes)
100m Freestyle (Girls) Finals
100m Freestyle (Boys) Finals
50m Butterfly (Girls) Finals
50m Butterfly (Boys) Finals
100m Breaststroke (Girls) Finals
100m Breaststroke (Boys) Finals
50m Backstroke (Girls) Finals
50m Backstroke (Boys) Finals
BREAK (10-15 minutes)
200m Freestyle Relay (Girls) Timed Finals
200m Freestyle Relay (Boys) Timed Finals

Competition Results

Competition results will be published at the end of the day in section below...


Varsity Basketball Tournaments Finish on A High Note! Feb. 1, 2017

Varsity Boys Basketball Medals 2017
Varsity Girls Basketball Medals 2017

This week our Boys and Girls Varsity Basketball teams participated in local tournaments.

The girls event was hosted by St. Catherine's School and the boys event was hosted by ACS Athens. Our teams competed against Campion school, Byron College, St. Catherine's School and St. Lawrence.

Both teams played well as they are getting ready for their upcoming international tournaments.   Our girls team finished in first place with three decisive wins and our boys team also finished first, winning against their toughest opponent, St. Catherine's school.

Good Job - Congratulations to the athletes and the coaches!


Local Varsity Basketball Mid-Season Tournaments, Jan. 30-31, 2017

On January 30th ACS Athens is hosting the Boys Varsity Basketball tournament with the participation of Byron College, St. Catherine's, St. Lawrence and Campion.

Our Girls Basketball team will head out to St. Catherine's to play in their local event, the next day, January 31st.  The teams in this tournament include St. Catherine’s, Campion, St. Lawrence.

These tournaments provide a great opportunity for the coaches and athletes to practice and apply what they have been working on!

Good Luck to all the teams!

V Boys Basketball

Varsity Boys Basketball at ACS Athens

Participating Schools: Byron, Campion School, St. Catherine’s, St. Lawrence, ACS Athens
9:30 ACS Athens - Campion 64 - 23
10:20 St. Catherine's - Byron 62 - 30
11:10 St. Lawrence - Campion 36 - 17
12:00 ACS Athens - St. Catherine's 54 - 51
12:50 Byron - St. Lawrence 20 - 37
13:40 St. Catherine's - Campion 43 - 26
14:30 ACS Athens - St. Lawrence 54 - 9
15:20 Campion - Byron 24 - 20
16:10 St. Catherine's - St. Lawrence 37 - 22
17:00 ACS Athens - Byron 39 - 12
V Girls Basketball

Varsity Girls Basketball at St. Catherine's

Participating Schools: Campion School, St. Catherine’s, St. Lawrence, ACS Athens
9:30 St. Catherine's - Campion
10:30 St. Lawrence - ACS Athens
15 minute break
11:45 St. Lawrence - Campion
12:45 St. Catherine's - ACS Athens
15 minute break
14:00 St. Catherine's - St. Lawrence
15:00 Campion - ACS Athens

Under 14 Girls Basketball tournament @ Campion School, January 26, 2017

Girls Basketball

On Thursday, January 26th members of our Jr. Varsity Girls basketball team will go to Campion to participate in the Under 14 basketball tournament.

This will be a great opportunity for our girls to compete with other players of the same age.  They will play against Campion and St. Catherine's as they will be preparing for the end of year tournament in early March.

10:30 - 11:00 ACS Athens - Campion School 20 - 6
12:00 - 12:30 Campion School - St. Catherine's 24 - 8
13:30 - 14:00 ACS Athens - St. Catherine's 4 - 4
14:00 M E D A L S  &  A W A R D S

Good Luck to All Athletes!


New Year's Basketball tournament a good test for our Varsity Basketball, Jan. 2017

ACS Athens Boys Varsity BasketballACS Athens Boys Varsity Basketball
ACS Athens Girls Varsity BasketballACS Athens Girls Varsity Basketball
ACS Athens Girls Varsity BasketballACS Athens Girls Varsity Basketball - 1st place

The ACS Athens Varsity Boys & Girls basketball teams participated in a two day tournament at ACS Athens and the competition comprised of youth club teams from around the city.

It was a great opportunity for our teams to compete against strong teams as they are getting ready for their major upcoming competitions, the International Youth Tournament in February and their final ISST tournament in March.

The girls team played well and captured first place playing against Kronos club in the final game; coach Dimitropoulos had the opportunity to see what is needed in order to improve in the near future.

The boys team played agains the AENK club team in the final but came up short in their efforts to win; they lost to a talented group of players!

Congratulations to the players and coaches for a fine effort!

New Year Basketball Tournament 3pt. Contest AwardNew Year Basketball Tournament 3pt. Contest Award
New Year Basketball Tournament 3pt. Contest AwardNew Year Basketball Tournament 3pt. Contest Award

New Year’s Basketball Tournament, January 6-7, 2017

Hand holding Basketball graphic

Dear ACS Athens Community,

We would like to announce the first athletic tournament of 2017, taking place at the ACS Athens Gym on Friday January 6th & Saturday 7th.

This is a Basketball tournament involving four Girls' teams and four Boys' teams with the details as follows:

Participating Teams:

Kronos Ag. Dimitriou, Panathinaikos, Sporting B.C., ACS Athens

AENK, Aghia Paraskevi, Kronos Ag. Dimitriou, ACS Athens

Friday January 6
12:00 ACS Athens - Panathinaikos (G) 57-27
14:00 ACS Athens - Aghia Paraskevi (B) 76-73
16:00 Kronos Ag. Dimitriou - Sporting B.C. (G) 54-36
18:00 AENK - Kronos Ag. Dimitriou (B) 65-49
Saturday January 7
11:00 3rd Place Game (G):
13:00 3rd Place Game (B):
15:30 FINAL (G):
17:30 FINAL (B):

ACS Athens will provide waters for the teams, referees, table officials, medals for the 1st place winner (15 medals) and trophies for the winners of the 3 point contests.